Telegram group?

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Telegram group?

Do you think it would be cool if we had a telegram group too? I saw that there are deal groups and I can see that being a large one, or just a giant chat room that could be useful. 

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While I appreciate your idea a lot, wouldn’t Whatsapp be more popular?
Most of my finance, hobby, friend and social groups are on there. but I might be an outlier.
Is there a Discord channel for us, by any chance?

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Not sure if this helps:

BTW, I wouldn’t be in, BLF is pretty much the only online forum/platform I’m into (YT channel doesn’t count) and I’ll probably stay that way, this is time consuming Big Smile

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Not really. I hate to share my phone nr on doubtful places.

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Could be a nice addition. I use a few Telegram groups and they work well but who would run it?
Discord is great for chats and i like the voice chatting and streaming stuff on there so a an official BLF server would be really nice to hang out in.
I know others will say why not whats app but it has a lot of limitations (see below).

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sp5it wrote:
Not really. I hate to share my phone nr on doubtful places.

Telegram lets the individual user hide their phone number. There are other good things about it compared to Whatsapp, etc.

BUT, that said I would not be interested in a large group on Telegram. I like it for smaller, narrow orientated groups and individual contacts. I like this forum just fine the way it is for general flashlight stuff, contests, group buys and special project lights like the LT1, FW3series and all those other lights that preceded them. With groups on apps like Telegram, Whatsapp, etc. I find it much more difficult to keep track of what is going on. Forums like this, have topics that one can subscribe to and ignore all the other stuff if that is ones inclination.

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I found and

I don’t know how popular those discord channels are.