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Corona Giveaway

So, I finally got laid off during Corona a bit ago. Since I’m feeling a bit down about that, I think a giveaway would cheer me up.

The terms are as follows:

  • One entry per person
  • Winner determined by I will use it to randomly select a number between the first and last eligible replies (inclusive), and if the result is not an eligible reply then I’ll re-roll.
  • Accounts must exist for reasons other than group buys and giveaways
  • Accounts must have existed before July 1st, 2020
  • The giveaway ends when I get a new job
  • I reserve the right to suspend, cancel, extend, or otherwise modify this giveaway and/or its rules in any way at any time. I also reserve the right to review entry eligibility on a case-by-case basis if I want (or not if I don’t want).
  • To enter, post… just about anything.
  • US only due to shipping costs. If you’d like to enter from outside the US, you would have to pay the difference in shipping vs. a small USPS Priority Flat Rate box ($7.65).

Prize is a Trustfire Mini 08. It’s in like-new condition, and includes the keychain and battery it came with originally. I’ve owned it for several months, but it has never been carried. It has been turned on a few times and charged with the built-in charger, so I can confirm everything works. I don’t know if I have the box, or spare O-rings, or whatever. I’ll throw in a micro-USB cable if I remember.

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Not in due to shipping costs, but wish both of us good luck finding a new job.

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Not in on account of shipping costs (don’t get me started on that Sick )

What a nice silver lining you present!

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Hope you can find a new job soon. I thought you giving out some beer lol Beer Big Smile

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Unheard wrote:
Not in due to shipping costs, but wish both of us good luck finding a new job.

Henk4U2 wrote:
Not in on account of shipping costs (don’t get me started on that Sick )

What a nice silver lining you present!

Thanks for the reminder. Unless the new job is really good, I’m limiting it to the US due to shipping concerns, with the exception that you could pay the shipping difference if you really wanted.
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Sorry to hear that, even though I am not qualify for your giveaway , but still, wish you good luck and great success for your job and life in the near future.

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Thanks for the giveaway, Scallywag!

I'm not in this one, but I'm glad you're giving away your Coronavirus.  ;)

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Thanks I’m in!

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OP, Thanks for the GAW!  Good Luck on the jobs front.

Smile! It makes others wonder what you've been up to.

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I’m not in but stay safe and I hope new work appears soon

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I’m in and good luck with the job search!

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I am NOT in, but I wish you the best searching and finding a new job very soon!!
And keep your head up, I know this period can be a “dark one” Thumbs Up

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hope you get a new job before i get out of my sling (shoulder surgery).

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I’m not in because I have several similar lights but thanks for the GAW. Hope it ends soon. Smile

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Oh no, sorry to hear you got laid off! I hope you find a better job than the last and get the unemployment help. My son got a big check for retroactive benefits after he got laid off. I’ll chime in for the giveaway. Remember what they say about a cheerful giver!


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Count me in…..thanks for the GAW and good luck in finding a job soon!

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dunno what to write

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I’m not in. But hope things turn out for the better!
All the Best,

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I’m in. Sorry to hear about the job, and I wish you the best finding another.

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I’m in thanks!

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If I’m hosting a giveaway can I participate in a giveaway? I could use another keychain light! I’m in!!

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Hmmm corona giveaway doesn’t seem to be popular these day.

usually everyone is like

Hope this will cheer you up Big Smile

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Not in due to shipping cost. My condition is same here. I hope you and rest of us who affected by this pandemic will get better soon. Thank you for the chance, Scallywag Smile

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Not in . Sorry to hear the layoff . Laid off here also , but ok cause I’m gonna be able to retire next month . Hope you get an even better rehire !