help me decide Pd36r, e4k, mr2pro

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help me decide Pd36r, e4k, mr2pro

Trying to get a high quailty 21700 flashlight as a gift and ive been looking at the Nitecore e4k, Olight mr2pro, and fenix pd36r.

I like the ui on the olight for the shortcuts to turbo and eco.
The Fenix pd36r doesnt have shortcuts and the eco is kinda bright.
The nitecore e4k seems interesting aswell cuz it really bright

Help me decide between these three or recomend something with a similar size please im running out of time.

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go for the Olight mr2pro, but i think all 3 are good.. its just about taste etc….

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E4K is very floody and high output, the other two have a good amount of punch and will almost certainly out-throw it however.

Very different UI and switch set-up on all three.

M2R Pro requires a $27 proprietary battery if a spare or replacement is desired..

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Yea I liked the amount of flood from the e4k and wish there’s was some comparison videos with it and the others… I hope that m2r pros beam isn’t to narrow. Thanks for the replies

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I just went through a similar decision. I decided to go with the PD36R and it arrives today. I went with the PD36R over the others because..

1. wanted a good combo of flood and throw.
2. Wanted a non-proprietary battery.
3. Based on my research, the Fenix has the best efficiency and battery life.
4. I have had the best experience with my Fenix lights. The Nitecore I had in the past had horrendous parasitic drain and I have two Olight’s that has reliability issues that were not taken care of by the manufacturer even though they failed well within the warranty period.