OL 2020 quick reference [warning pic heavy]

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OL 2020 quick reference [warning pic heavy]

Here’s a quick one page refresher of all the entries in the 2020 challenge along with a few judges comments (yeh, i asked them specifically for this reason Silly )

Scallywag – “As Scallywag eluded to in his build thread every plumbing light seems to have it’s own unique look”

MtnDon – “…beautiful hand crafted items… and practical”

gchart – “Like a Nasa engineer playing with toy rockets, he makes it look too easy”

CNCman – “Wow! Who ever thought of a see through flashlight?”

FearOfTheDark – “Looks very effective for it’s intended use”

lumenzilla – “…does he hold he record for latest entry with fastest recovery..?. LOL

JoshK – “I actually like how smooth the beam is on this”

grin – “I love the go big or go home mentality of this guy”

Rdubya18 – “This light seemed to just keep on evolving”

G0OSE – “Goose exceeded my expectations”

ReManG – “…great effort. These are surprisingly hard to mod due to the lack of space… as ReManG found out LOL

YuvalS – “…some day in the future there’s going to be a commercial caving light available with Yuval’s name on it LOL

Mieciu – “That underwater video makes it look like the bees knees”

domasleo – “Possibly the coolest looking retro light with the latest V8 engine”

Skylight – “This light has a really tidy finish to it”

djozz – “Viro-blast with a batman signal. This thing can save us all! LOL

MascaratumB – “Pale wood + pyrography + leather = I love it”

EasyB – “The (lite) weight of this light is a remarkable achievement”

Sunnysunsun – “This is totally in line with Barbie Jeep / Power wheels modifications LOL

tterev3 – “..makes you wonder why this type of light is not more commercially available???”

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Wow, really tough to pick a winner. Excellent work all.

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Wonderful idea and execution Jason ! Thumbs Up Beer
This would be Great to do for every years challenge. Cool
Every member is a winner, Congrats everyone Big Smile

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Nice gifs. Cool They do take some time to load.

Every build is unique and has its own purpose. Well done everyone! Crown Thumbs Up

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Cool Crown
That’s a good sum up on the images!
Thank you for taking the time to put them all together and also for getting the judges opinion Wink

Also, thanks for the judges for taking the time to “judge” our work Wink

I appreciate the words given to my mod too Blushing

To all the contestants, nice to be on the same boat as you and I am glad for having learned so much in this year’s contest! I’m not sure I’ll ever be to go to your levels, but I’ll try Wink

Thumbs Up Beer Party