Protected 14500 Recommendation

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TIFisher wrote:
d_t_a wrote:
Regarding protected 14500 batteries — it’s usually difficult to find out at what discharge current, the protection circuit will trip. (unless it’s tested & reviewed by HKJ, which will then indicate the current when the battery gets cut off)..

I think many protected 14500 batteries trip at around somewhere 2.5-3 Amps. This may trip when used in certain 14500 flashlights that can draw around 4 Amps or a bit more (eg. Klarus XT1A, GT Micro or BLF X5).

Truly frustrating. Eg: the unmarked cell that came with my GT MICRO (Osram) from Lumintop runs fine in all my 14500 lights. However, the Lumintop branded (wrapped) cell (920 mAh) that came with my AA TOOL 2.0 runs fine in the Tool, but trips immediately upon turbo activation in the GT. Strangely enough, I bought a couple Nitecore NL1475R’s (750 mAh), and they run turbo in the GT without issue. Seems like it’s a crapshoot.

Not so strange since the protection circuits are added by either the seller or middleman. One never knows what they’re getting even if the cell itself is the same.
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Lightbringer wrote:
Wellp, the ToolAA’s only rated for 650 lemons (just goggled it), so it ain’t a screamer, and LT probably shipped a lower-current cell.

The ‘micro is rated for 1000 lemons, so probably needs a higher-rated cell.

Point being, they probably shipped the “appropriate” cell for the light.

Totally get that. I’m just thinking out loud it would be
beneficial for the end user to have some relevant specs published along with the product, in order to acquire the appropriate power source a la carte, so to speak.