I want a 26650 thrower

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Rusty Joe
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bikenber73 wrote:
Are there any old HD2010 out there that you could mod? I am still holding on to my two. easy to upgrade/update.

Schenzen Wholesale says they have some. But they didn’t replay back when I PMed them to make sure

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Yeah you’ll have to wait for after the CNY holiday… the entire country is shut down until the last 1/3rd of Feb.

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+1 for going with an L2 w/ CULPM1.TG.
I'm pretty sure that Simon will be able to prepare one for you after the Chinese New Year holidays are over.

As a reference, here's a beamshot of my L2 w/ an CSLNM1.TG (White flat) and a linear driver that I modded a couple of years ago.
Hitting a white van @400m.