[Review] FIREFLYLITE T9R - 1540m Ice Cream thrower - Anduril II

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[Review] FIREFLYLITE T9R - 1540m Ice Cream thrower - Anduril II

T9R OSRAM vs W4 LEP – which fares better? …Is Anduril II better than we first thought? …Who is Unspeakable?

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Great Googly-Moogly, that’s a throw’n fool.
Now There’s another light I want but don’t need.
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Awww, where’s Corn Julio?

But this is a perfect example why it’s like nails-on-a-blackboard whenever someone asks for an überthrower with “usable spill”. There’s no such thing.

Try lighting up what’s in front of you, and you’ll get blinded by the intensely overpoweringly bright 3” disc of light, with a hint of spill, or have to scan the entire area as with a laser-pointer.

I still want one, though. LOL

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