*SOLD*: Emisar D1s Gray XP-L HI V3 1A

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*SOLD*: Emisar D1s Gray XP-L HI V3 1A

In mint cosmetic condition inside and out, but it won't turn on.  I don't know anything about fixing flashlights, but I be some of you do.

Comes with box (mint) and O-rings.  No battery.

PRICE: $20 + $8 shipping in CONUS

See my flashlight collection listing here

At the moment I'm most smitten by:

  • YDE Wreckit in Damascus and also in Timascus
  • Huckleberry Damasteel Fenja
  • Reylight Dawn Mokume and also Copper
  • Spy 007 (of course)
  • Olight Marauder 2 Blue
  • Lumenite 23650, 26650
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  • Metaminco MT90 mini Copper
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  • Manker MK37, MC13, MK35 ii, MK34, MK34 II, MK38 White
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Well this isn’t going to hang around long! If I was across the pond I’d snap this up!

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Any idea what shipping to Canada is like? I’d be happy to take it if shipping to Canada isn’t too horrendous. Seems so many posts say shipping to CONUS Sad

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I’ll take it if it’s still available!

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Dang it! I have a WTB for this exact type of thing!

I’ll take next.