➿ FAST GROUP BUY ➿ WUBEN H3 Headlight 7-Modes OSRAM P8 Rotatable 2*AAA

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MascaratumB wrote:

I never tried, hence my question about that!
Here are the mechanical dimmensions of each LED

Osram P8
Source: http://www.ebvnews.ru/doc16/GW_PUSRA1.PM_DURIS_P8.pdf

Source: https://download.luminus.com/datasheets/Luminus_SST-20-WxH_Datasheet.pdf

I’d seen both data sheets and they’re close enough for me to think it’ll work, and to give it a try. People have had success mounting white flats on XP boards, and they’re even more different, so it should be ok. I’ll report back when I get a chance to try

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I am currently reviewing the H3, and there is 1 major problem... the lock to open the battery door is extremely hard to open, so if you are thinking to use it often, better have a solution ready to open it up every time. You will hurt your nails (if you have weak nails like mine). You need a screwdriver or some kind of tool to open it up. Just saying. 

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Ill take one of each please.


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Good news! Standard 3535 leds fit! Wasn’t the most straight forward as you have to de-solder the mcpcb whilst lifting each side a little at a time. But it’s all together and working again now. Decided on a 2700k lh351d for my orange one. May put a 4000k SST20 in my blue one.

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Yep. I think Tool AA 2.0 uses these leds too; it’s straight swap no problems. Nice pictures BTW.


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Nice one TMaxxJJ Wink It will surely have a tint and CRI improvement!
Thanks for the information and for the photos too Wink Thumbs Up