[review] CountryMan T10R

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[review] CountryMan T10R

Budget and compact thrower with tir lens well known from Acebeam E10, Manker MC13.

Non affiliate link to the light: CSLNM1.TG & SST40

(Click on the picture to enlarge.)

Some of you may have heard of this brand. I found out them from the proposals displayed on AE. It attracted my attention due to the optics, which turned out to be the same as used in the Acebeam E10, Manker MC13 and probably others that I haven’t heard of.
I had the MC13 in my hands and I know that this optics gives a great beam. So I decided to check this flashlight because I didn’t find any reviews and on the product page on ali you can see that it’s not very popular.

The T10R is available with two LEDs: Osram CSLNM1.TG (3030, 1mm²) and Luminus SST40. The second one is available in 5500k and 6000k. The UI differs depending on the choosed LED.
In addition, the flashlights have GITD pad placed under the optics available in blue, green, red or a mix of those three colours .

Size comparison
EagleEye X6, CountryMan T10R, Convoy C8, Lumintop GT mini

The flashlight is packed in a white cardboard box and bubble wrap, known from e.g. Convoy flashlights. Only a lanyard is included.

Overall impressions
At first look, it’s great, but after picking it up, I immediately noticed a small flaw. The fins do not have smooth edges. It is not a problem in the internal ones, but one on the edge is sharp. Not enough to cut the skin, but enough to irritate.

The anodization is smooth, not too shiny.
Metal button on the outside and standard Omten inside. Personally, I prefer regular rubber switches.

Steel springs on both sides.

20mm driver.

AR coated glass lens.

Steel bezel. There is a small gap after tightening to the max.

Square threads the same on both sides of the tube.

I’m not very good at this, but I’ll post here something soon.

Disassembly – what BLF likes most
It’s a bit dirty inside. There are chip residues after drilling holes and their sharp edges that can cut the insulation of the wires. I also miss anodization in the upper, inner part of the head. I don’t know why this was removed. The mcpcb is not screwed but there are threaded holes (M3). The reason is propably the GITD pad, which also overlaps the soldering pads. However, it sits on the optics so high that they do not interfere. So you can also use flat head screws. On the tir lens you can see fingerprints and delicate scratches at the height of the removed anodization in the head.

Modding potential
There is. Always.

Of course, a spacer is needed. And sand the mcpcb a bit.

An unknown flashlight that does not impress with the quality of its finish, but with a little love it can become a pretty good toy for its price range. Led and driver easy to replace. I just wish they used CULNM1.TG instead of CSLNM1.TG.

At my request, the seller added a lens in his store, which they sends along with the GITD washer. Here is the link.

My first review. Short because I don’t like to talk too much. Advice and criticism appreciated.

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Nice review and tear down.


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Hey hey. I’ve been waiting for a truly budget light to show up with on of these TIRs and was hoping Simon would make something. I don’t like the styling much at all, but it seems very functional. It’s a mashup of convoy and wildtrail here.

As for the review, I like it this way. I think this is a light you buy to mod, so I’m not interested in stock performance. More measurements though would be nice if you want suggestions. Things relevant to modding like lens size, depth+diameter of driver and front cavities etc.

As for the optic they sell alone, the price kills it. Might as well harvest one from the light. Besides, we need the MCPCB with the holes for this optic. Maybe you can ask them to sell that separately as well? Bundled with the optic ideally.


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Don’t knock the NM1. I have been very impressed with it ( in green emitter form ) in Simon’s C8+. In fact it matches the output and throw of a larger M26C with Osram CULPM1 and 8A driver that he put together for me.

As for value and build quality, it is only marginally cheaper than FREEME’s offer on the Astrolux EA01.