【New Product】XTAR D36 5800 II Dive Light

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【New Product】XTAR D36 5800 II Dive Light

So glad to share the upgrade version D36 5800 II dive light was released!

More details on our website:

Main features of D36 5800 II dive light:
• High-quality CREE XHP70.2 & CSLPM1.TG LED, for flood and spot beam.
• 2hrs runtime at Turbo 5800lm, powered by four 18650 batteries.
• 4200lm, 135° flood beam, 3.8hrs runtime.
• 1600lm, 8° spot beam, 5hrs runtime.
• Two-button control for 9 light modes, including Strobe and SOS.
• Switch-lock function prevents accidental switch-on.
OLED screen shows remaining working time.
• Low power indicator.
• Intelligent temperature control.
• Solid AL6063 housing, corrosion & abrasion resistance.
• Gold-plated spring design.
• Waterproof IPX8 (underwater 100 meters)

Any ideas, pls comment freely.

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First of all, this is a nice approach and I like this concept. Some thoughts and questions...

  • $ 329.00 is a veeeery steep price in my humble opinion. (https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005002432865962.html)
  • Those four screws holding the digital display seem to be non-anodized. This may lead to severe corrosion in salt-water. Moreover, it does not look very appealing. Maybe you can seal the screw heads with a protective film in black or even anodize them.
  • What is the tint of the XHP70.2? I assume it is 6500K like the Osram W2 LED?
  • 2hrs runtime at Turbo 5800lm is hardly imaginable. You probably refer to ANSI specs. However, the way you express it, people might think it can run at full power the whole time.
  • The big circular shape of the head wastes a lot of space for these two reflectors inside. How about a 2x 21700 diving flashlight that uses the two reflectors/LEDs side by side? Otherwise, you could implement some more LEDs into the head section where there's unused space. For instance, a (deep) red LED as well as a 365nm UV LED would easily fit in there. Of course, it would require to add 1 or more channels to the driver layout. Just thinking...


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adding real runtime would be great. like 3min@100%+180min@40%


looks like good idea, overall.


price is way too high. 

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Lux-Perpetua wrote:



UV LED would be great for night time diving. 

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It’s a very clever design, but looks like a lot of wasted space on that big head for 2 emitters in a 4×18650 size? Also, the xhp70.2 has a diffuser not a reflector? Maybe a TIR would have been a better choice for optical performance.

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I like it but I would not pay more than $32.90 for it.

This is the Budget Light Forum BLF. Not Get Out Your Checkbook Form GOYCF.

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Thanks for your kind comment. If you are interested in multi-color LED underwater photography and video light, this D30 4000 has max 4000 lumens output, four light colors – white, red, blue and UV.

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