Mini reactors

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Mini reactors
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That’s pretty cool and an interesting read. Not going to lie when I read the title of the thread first thing I pictured was the arc reactor and Ironman.

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very interesting topic, thanks for finding and sharing it.

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I like the idea, provided that they can deliver the convenience and safety (economically viable?) that they claim, but I always think with nuclear power: where will the fuel go if the plant gets abandoned (lack of funds, company ceases to exist, maybe war or other reasons for a collapse of a society). It was already worrying with collapse of the Soviet Union (I believe that still some radioactive fuel is missing), but it will happen again. If this development will become mainstream, the distribution of radioactive stuff around the globe will increase and become less traceable, with the risk of coming into wrong hands or leaving future societies with the mess.

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Soon we’ll all glow in the dark and won’t be needing flashlights anymore… LOL

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Not so sure about this idea.

Having lots of little reactors everywhere would make security a nightmare. I could just imagine some terrorists digging a tunnel from the building next door so they could burrow into the closest underground reactor.

Plus if one broke down or leaked. “Oops sorry neighborhood… your property is radioactive. You need to move out immediately. You can move back in when the radiation goes down to a safe level in 50,000 years.”

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When I read the thread title, my first thought was David Hahn, ‘The Nuclear Boy Scout.’

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Maybe in a few years we will all be posting on

What could possibly go wrong………

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So it is still a steam engine?

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Jup, makes water hot.

Smile, you cannot kill them all.