How to carry your flashlight and battery outdoors?

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How to carry your flashlight and battery outdoors?

If you’re going hiking, camping, and exploring in the dark, it will need to carry some reliable flashlights also backup batteries. All together with your other outdoor gears, how do you often carry the flashlights and batteries?

For carrying flashlights outdoors, it will probably depend on the type of flashlight you carry, the size of the light, the features it contains, how many flashlights you choose to carry… For example, many outdoor enthusiasts prefer the headlamp over other kinds of flashlights. They can wear it on head, and keep the hands free while hiking. Besides, carrying via a good pocket clip can also secure the flashlight in the pocket or bag, and give you a way to position the beam hands-free. If you don’t want to keep the flashlight in the pocket, a belt holster or lanyard will also allow to keep the flashlight almost anywhere, while remaining accessible.

Talking about backup battery storage, some customers told they prefer putting them on xtar PB2S, which can be used with power banks and solar panels to charge the 18650 batteries. And you can also use the it as a power bank to charge the phone, as well as other USB devices. To realize more batteries’ organization, how do you make it?

Welcome to share more of your carrying options.

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It all depends how far you are from a power source. If I was very far, I would definitely take spare batteries. If I had my car nearby, possibly less because I can charge from my car.

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One thing I do like nowdays is how solar, Lithium ion cells & USB can be integrated to power so many small DC devices. I use power banks all the time, some have QC3.1/PD-18w charging/recharging capabilities so power transfer happens faster than ever. My wife uses a small 10,000mAh Romoss power bank in her handbag which can recharge her phone & EDC lights multiple times. I have power banks in 10k/20k & 2×30k mAh. Now you can buy them up to 80,000mAh which is a LOT of portable power. So when camping you could utilise a fold out solar panel and store that sunlight to power anything from a flashlight to laptops, cordless power tools etc.


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This what I carried on my last hiking trip. I was with wife & daughter.

I carry the flashlights and the battery containers inside a pouch. When the sun is about to set, I distribute them to my family members.

This method has a con: If I lost the pouch, we’re doomed.

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I carry my flashlights on my belt holsters. I have plenty of spare batteries at home. I never carry spare batteries because I always plan on a one way trip, and the batteries in the flashlights are sufficient for that. 

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in terms of camping: i carry two flashlights and no extra batteries
since we do not go camping for more than 6 nights in a row.

one flashlight is a “freebie” from Harbor Freight.
great for inside the tent and around the tent area.
the batteries last a while, and it is sturdy.

the other is a Fenix PD35 TAC.

of course, we also use a lantern.
if i had to make a change, it would be
to have the flashlight bodies in a bright color.
black is hard to find in the dark.

if we have children with us, we give them
the “freebie” kind for their personal use,
and extra batteries, since some still
require a “night light” to sleep.

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I’m using 12GA shotgun shells pouch for 18650, 21700 and 26650. Good to carry, but not waterproof.


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I use Simon’s holsters, they are high quality , affordable and the service is great, as always.

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Light in a holster and spare battery if any in a zipper pouch in the car.

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The car has 4 flashlights full time, all NiMH, so i’m good there for quite a while.
And a semi spotlight bulb on a cigarette lighter inverter.
Also the cell phone has a 50ish lumen light and the keychain an 80 lumen light.

That said i like to carry the Moon RC2. And if i anticipate the need a Convoy M1.

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