【News】Cyansky Infrared Flashlight is coming! palm-sized, 850nm 5000mW IR LED, 21700,Type-C charge

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【News】Cyansky Infrared Flashlight is coming! palm-sized, 850nm 5000mW IR LED, 21700,Type-C charge

Hi everyone, today I bring good news. Cyansky infrared flashlight will be available soon!
Much different from the previous lighting gears, this IR flashlight allows you to monitor your target for a long time, aim at and shoot the target conveniently and precisely without being exposed.

It is similar to the K3, but a little smaller than the K3.

It’s compact and palm-sized with only 148.6mm length and 40mm head diameter but beams an amazing long-distance infrared flashlight. Collocated with a clip and holster, you can carry it however you want to free your hand when it’s unused.

Equipped with the 850nm 5000mW IR LED, the K3-I8 features a maximum of 350 meters beam distance hiddenly. It’s compatible with most night vision devices around the world. You can match the flashlight with the accessible night vision or infrared camera beside you.

The designed single tail switch allows one click for power on or off conveniently. It’s equipped with a powerful 21700 rechargeable Li-ion battery, ensuring the IR flashlight works for 5 hours continuously per full charge. And you can use the compatible 18650 Li-ion battery around you instead.

The K3-I8 is forced for harsh environment, shelled with the aviation level A6061-T6 aluminum with type III hard-anodized finish, which is great for anti-abrasion, wear-resistance, and scratch-resistance. It can work in harsh environments thanks to its features, IPX8 waterproof, 2 meters impact resistance, and working temperature under -30~50 cent-degree.

Matched with one of the proper guns mounts Cyansky Light offers, the K3-I8 IR flashlight is great for night hunting, long-time monitoring, and military actions, etc.

Do you like this K3-i8? Welcome to leave your comments. Big Smile

We are focusing on making high-level LED flashlights for hunting and shooting, tactical and self-defense, outdoor adventure, EDC, and so on.
Web: www.cyanskylight.com
Shop: www.cyanskystore.com
Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/shops/cyansky-official
AliExpress: https://www.aliexpress.com/store/912662624

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Great IR flashlight. Compact size with 350m beam distance, good performance. Found their page https://cyanskylight.com/product/k3-i8-ir-flashlight/. Hope can see it in real use. 

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