FYI: Micro-Mark Sale

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FYI: Micro-Mark Sale

Micro-Mark Closeouts Sale.

I've purchased many of the specialty tools and supplies that I use for modding of anything, including flashlights from Micro-Mark. 

Although the hobbyist tools they offer are generally expensive, even when on sale, they are top-notch. There are so many really effective specialty products that give me more control over whatever it is I'm fixing or modifying, at least relative to traditional or full-size tools. 

If any BLF member would like design suggestions or help with tying a customized paracord lanyard or fob for use with lights & knives, please feel free to message me here.

For paracord project ideas, I highly recommend visiting:

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I used to buy from them often in the days of catalogs, always great tools and I still have most of them.
Thanks for the link!