Anyone tested this type of 5000mAh 26650 battery (new top design)?

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Anyone tested this type of 5000mAh 26650 battery (new top design)?

Just got some new 26650 batteries and noticed that they have this top design, which I haven't seen before on 26650 batteries.


Wurkkos "5000mAh" 26650 & Sofirn "5500mAh" 26650

Enook "5000mAh" 26650 & Vapcell purple "5000mAh" 26650


I'm not sure if they are the same battery internally, or just share the same top design.






the bottom look a bit similar (3 of them have a ring indentation, except the Vapcell)


Using YR1030 IR tester, the Enook & Wurkkos have similar IR, and the Vapcell is also nearly similar IR. But the Sofirn has higher IR.


I haven't tested capacity yet (using SkyRC MC3000), but will try to do so sometime.


Anyone have tried these, or maybe know if this is just a new 'top-design' but with previously known batteries, or would they be some new type of 26650 batteries?

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The new top design looks like some car's hubcap.

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Also same on the KeepPower IMR 26650 battery 5500mAh 15A I bought last year.