Swiss Army Knives

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Swiss Army Knives

I figured since I posted about my leathermans here, maybe a discussion on swiss army knives could be fun. For reference I use both brands and enjoy them both as they compliment eachother as I point out in the video. Do you guys have any and do you use both?

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SwissChamp here in a Zermatt leather holster with sharpening steel, going on 8 years.

It replaced my LM SuperTool v.1, which I carried for about a dozen years.


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I prefer the climber model. It has a corkscrew and a great pair of scissors in addition to 0 he blades and wood saw. Great for hiking and climbing. I bought a Wenger Delemont Eddie Bauer version that is about an inch thick and has about every tool they ever produced – and it’s just too phat and too big. Just sits in the drawer forlornly.

These days I’m tending towards a defensive carry knife, the Kershaw Blur or a Lone Wolf Harshey D2. The D2 is no longer made, and sell for @$700 so it’s not getting a lot of pocket time, even though I believe it may have been the best defensive knife every produced.


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Die hard Victorinox fan. My father was a farmer and shade tree machinist, never owned a television. Watched him repair a 4 layer in 1976 and replace the bent brass rods and remake bushings for peening. A different world his generation was from.
My favorite since 2002 is a Champion with a Cybertool layer added.

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I have a very fake Swiss Army Knife.

It's not all that great.

I prefer Leatherman and Nextool multitools over SAKs because I really like the pliers.

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Also a fan of SAKs. My EDC on working days is a Fieldmaster (same as the 91mm Huntsman but with philips screwdriver instead of the corkscrew)

For outdoors & hiking I take my Trailmaster

(both knives may have a different name in the US)

On my keychain dwells a 58mm Signature Lite

And I have many more Vic’s, and some Wengers.

Flashlights, blades & beer
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I’ve been thinking of carrying a small midnite mini champ, leatherman sidekick or rebar and a kershaw folder knife. i saw some of raccon’s pictures in the kershaw thread and im thinking of getting a folder for daily not outdoor tasks. Do you guys combine a single folder knife in your rotations ?

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Very happy with alox handles. Kind of a minimalist even changed my Pioneer for a Cadet.

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i have SO many knives

yet do not carry one except for a tiny blade in my leatherman micra

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Brought two Swiss Army knives on a two-week trip in Thailand. The little one turned out to be very useful, especially its scrissors (helped cutting plastic packages that are too strong to be opened by hands) and its mini-knife (great for opening and slicing mango, pamelo, and guava).

My wife was very impressed by my mini-Swiss Army knife, so much so that she raised NO objection when I impulsively acquired the big bowie knife made in Ayutthaya, with some magic Thai talisman tatoo on the stainless (???) knife (which I suspect was made from motor leaf spring, and treated in some chemical solution to make it looks shiny and stainless for now). Evil

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The handyman. It has a file / hacksaw, pliers, reamer / sewing awl etc. I’ve been able to manufacture all sorts of fixes and repairs with this while off road on motorbike or mtb.

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My day-to-day SAK is Nail Clip 580/ Swiss Clipper (mandatory) with its partner (rotation):
a. Climber
b. Compact
c. Pioneer X Alox
d. Cyber Yeoman
e. Outrider

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I am not into knives, but I have a Victorinox Compact bought almost 1 year ago and I am carying it daily since. And it is so handy!
I used the corkscrew (which I never thought it will be useful for me) at a party and it felt so great when nobody had one Smile
I am thinking of getting another one, maybe a Cadet, but the Compact is just perfect for what I need.

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Fieldmaster, pioneer, classics

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The Cadet Alox had been a great EDC for me. Really can’t go wrong with it.

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Hunter, Huntsman, Hiker, Farmer, Swisstool Spirit, Leatherman Wave and Blast.

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1) Victorinox handyman
2) Victorinox nailclip 580
3) Victorinox classic SD

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Had a knife collecting phase where I was trying to get as many different makers as I could, been a few years since I’ve bought any.

Some beautiful knives here. Anyone else have the “Tiffany & Co.” SAK. Found it at a flea market about 25-30 years ago. Silver with a gold plated emblem.

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Couchmaster wrote:
Lone Wolf Harshey D2


In your opinion, what made that specific model the best?

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Codec wrote:

In your opinion, what made that specific model the best?

The hidden release was unlike anything produced by anyone else, before or since. The build quality was topnotch with a smooth easy throw, in automatic action when you triggered the release it just snapped to. The rubberish grip was perfect, as is the size- large without being too much so. The military wanted something they could hammer into a 2 × 4 and split it in 2 by reefing the knife back and forth. That kind of thing often separates the strong from the weak, and this thing is brutally strong.

The only thing they could have improved was the serrations, they should have used Veff Serrations, which is a superior tooth design for cutting rope and webbing.