Getting the fake Amazon order scam calls?

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Getting the fake Amazon order scam calls?

“If you did not make this order, press 2” or whatever blah, blah, blah…
I get 4 or 5 of these per day and all from different phone numbers. Some of the calls are supposedly from my own area code. I got one awhile back that was from my own phone number. Sure wish the phone companies could find a way to put an end to it.

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Some even leave voice mails. That costs 2 calls.

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That’s a new one, never heard of this one. I usually get the “Your cars warranty has expired, press whatever number to be connected with an agent.

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“…wish the phone companies could find a way to put an end to it.”
they are commercials.
sort of like wishing for commercial-free TV.
it is too much money for the phones to quit.

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Don’t get calls, but getting like 3 Amazon SCAM emails a week.
Down from 5 a day just after Xmas.
Figure trying to cash in on Christmas buying frenzy I guess.
Gotten about 10 – “I have hacked your computer – pay me money – follow this link” emails of late.
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