XP-L Hi silent upgrade test

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XP-L Hi silent upgrade test

XP-L Hi had upgrade that wasn’t marketed much. Forward voltage is much lower, thermal resistance as well and it’s now without bond wires. XML2 and I think Xp-g2 had same treatment.

I did some basic measurements for V3 5A2 bought form Kaidomain, just to compare it to previous version.

2.5A 3.08V
3.0A 3.13V
3.5A 3.17V
4.0A 3.20V
4.5A 3.25V
5.0A 3.28V
5.5A 3.36V
6.0A 3.42V

Cri was 82.4, CCT 4250K and DUV -0. 0010 in S2+ running at 0.5A. Values taken from Opple. Green AR coating.

S2+ beamshot @5m and 5A

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There doesn’t seem to be any of the ”bluish tint in the beam” that Hank talked about, the beam looks good.

For comparison with TA XP-HI test :

2.5A 3.08V 3.42V
3.0A 3.13V 3.52V
3.5A 3.17V 3.60V
4.0A 3.20V 3.68V
4.5A 3.25V 3.75V
5.0A 3.28V 3.83V
5.5A 3.36V 3.94V
6.0A 3.42V 4.02V

So a pretty big difference, this should increase efficiency quite substantially with a boost or buck driver. In it direct it will pull much more current, about the same as the 519A since they have similar Vf under 5.5A (after that the new XP-HI rises more)

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With the lower voltage and improved thermal resistance it should be fun direct driving it in a single li-ion triple or quad, output will fully depend on what the battery can deliver.

Cree once more in the lead, when it comes to raw output?

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That beam looks good. Thumbs Up Hopefully the revised XP-L Hi handles DD without issues. The old one could handle ~4.2V straight.