Modding cheap lights for Forward Clicky

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Modding cheap lights for Forward Clicky


In the past, I have simply swapped out the junk-switch on certain lights and installed the McClicky tailcap switch into the tailcap.

This worked for Night Evolution S-Fire-type lights perfectly.

Wanting to access the Scout Pro body in a cheap light, I purchased the brand SOTAC.

The switch is just not functional. I tested several- Total NO GO.

I also own examples of the legitimate light, so I swapped in the actual Z68 Tailcap- GTG on the Night Evolution, no function on the SOTAC.

Is it not possible to mod the light in this way? How come? Is there something going on in the head that prevents it?

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Dunno what any of those are, so have no idea about specifics.

In general, though, FC switches are bulkier/taller, and sometimes have problems being stuffed into tailcaps without modifications.

Also, drivers which rely on half-presses to switch modes now have to be handled “differently”. My WK42 is like that. Half-press to select the mode, then fully press once you got it. Need to click off fully to switch modes. Etc.

Some special-purpose lights have driver-in-the-tail, and other weirdo shiite, so just swapping a mechanical switch for Weirdo-Driver-In-Tail won’t work.

Got a meter? Start poking around, check the old switch, new switch, etc. Go from there.

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