Acebeam K75 review (4x18650, SBT90.2, crazy throw)

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Acebeam K75 review (4x18650, SBT90.2, crazy throw)

That is not a fresh model, but still Acebeam K75 is undoubtly in very top among flashlights with super throw. Actuallly, there may be some models with even greater throw, but all they are sort of BLF GT size, which makes use really inconvenient, while you can carry Acebeam K75 along with you with no problem, as well as simply hold it.

In the end, I decided to surrender to the requests of the channel subscribers and bought ACEBEAM K75 from an official Acebeam dealer in the Russian Federation. time passed and i decided to translate my Acebeam K75 review for BLF audience. Yeah, this flashlight is not cheap. But, for example, here’s the IMALENT MS18, and the same Nitecore TM will be even more expensive, while having a definitely worse throw. There is also damn expensive Polarion.

Battery: 4xACEBEAM 18650 3100mAh batteries

Ultra-Low: 7 lumens; 7.5 days_
Low: 120 lumens; 40000cd; 400 meters; 31 hours
Mid 1: 380 lumens; 99856cd; 632 meters; 16 hours
Mid 2: 1250 lumens; 289982cd; 1077 meters; 5 hours 15 minutes
High: 2500 lumens; 559504cd; 1496 meters; 2 hours 15 minutes
Turbo: 6300 lumens; 1562500cd, 2500 meters; 1 hour 45 minutes
Strobe: 3000 lumens; 3 hours 15 minutes

ECO Mode:
Ultra-Low: 7 lumens; 7.5 days
Low: 120 lumens; 40000cd; 400 meters; 31 hours
Mid 1: 250 lumens; 69960cd; 529 meters; 21 hours
Mid 2: 600 lumens; 189660cd; 871 meters; 10 hours 30 minutes
High: 1700 lumens; 389376cd; 1248 meters; 3 hours 30 minutes
Turbo: 3000 lumens; 679800cd, 1649 meters; 1 hour 45 minutes
Strobe: 3000 lumens; 3 hours 15 minutes

Max output 6300 lumens
Max beam distance 2500 meters
Weight: 843.8g without batteries
Size: 218mm (Length) x 126mm (Head dia.) x 53mm (Tube dia.)

Utilizes one LUMINUS SBT-90-GEN2 LED with excellent performance Maximum output up to 6300 lumens with monstrous 2500 meters far-reaching beam distance ECO and POWER mode switch toggles between Everyday and Search-and-Rescue settings
Powered by 4 × 18650 rechargeable Li-ion batteries (Excluded) 4 x ACEBEAM ARC18650H-310A Lithium Ion Batteries (Recommended)

One-handed, one-button for easy and fast operation
Highly efficient constant current circuit design (Non-PWM)
Intelligent temperature controller is used to adjust brightness and prevent overheating
Rear tripod receptacle brings extra functionality
Battery level indicator lights for easy power monitoring
Lockout mode prevents accidental activation
Toughened ultra-clear mineral glass lens with an anti-reflective coating
Integrated Precision Digital Optics Technology provides extreme reflector performance
Sturdy aerospace-grade aluminum body with military grade type III hard-anodized finish
IPX68 waterproof (2 meters submersible)
Impact resistance to 1 meter

*_NOTE: In order to achieve POWER&ECO modes, the K75 must be installed with 4 × 18650 high drain batteries that can produce at least 10 Amps of current.
There will be only ECO mode working when use the batteries current <10 Amps._*

you can buy Acebeam K75 at:
Official Acebeam website with 10% code LMNC10 (valid for all the items in store)

PACKAGE AND APPEARANCE The packaging is extremely presentable.

This is a hefty box with excellent printing. In terms of giftability, it will definitely be suitable.

Inside, in foam rubber, there is a flashlight itself, a removable handle, a guarantee and instructions, and optionally there can be 4×18650 batteries. The small bag also contains a lanyard, a clip for a removable handle and a pair of O-rings. In general, everything you need is here. In terms of appearance, the flashlight lacks any elegance. It’s a hefty, brutal thing with a huge head and a bunch of cooling fins. Be that as it may, the design is thought out here and in its own way the flashlight looks really nice. It’s just a different kind of beauty. The beauty of a machine gun or a guitar. A large black metal contraption, a purely male toy.

The flashlight itself is large.

Basically, I’ve seen flashlights and more than him – BLF GT and Imalent MS12, Imalent DX80. And the Acebeam X70 from the diagram above is also a rather big thing. The author of the English-language review kindly allowed me to use a comparative photo so that you can appreciate what a monstrous scale modern flashlights reach. Once again, handle diameter 53mm, business card width,

and the height of the K75 is 218mm.

In general, the very part in which the battery pack is hidden is relatively small. Regarding the head, of course. That is simply huge, otherwise it cannot be for light with such a penetrating power (I do not take into account LEP flashlights). Fully equipped weight with handle and batteries – 1150g.

I think that Convoy S2 + is known to everyone and you can understand how great the K75 is, if S2 + fits in its head.

The lanyard eyelets are very wide, so that flashlight tail stand without any problems. If you have a diffuser of the right size, then here is a ready-made table lamp with an excellent combination of rutime and brightness. The idea, of course, is from the “wht if…” category.

If you unscrew this part of the body from the side of the head (the tail-cover also twists), then inside this glass we see the expected solution in the form of a cassette for 4 batteries. The flashlight does not support flattop batteries. Ideally, they should not only have bulging contact, but also be protected.

Basically, if you have the money for such a flashlight, then buying 4 such batteries should not be a problem. But if you wish, you can do with flatheads with a magnetic spacer. The main thing is that they must be high-current (10A constant current output, otherwise the turbo simply will not start) and, ideally, from the same batch. In general, it’s good that they made a cassette, I don’t like the options with a full battery pack (as in the same TM series or Olight Javelot Pro).

What is more practical and cheaper to carry with you – a spare battery pack or a box with 4 spare batteries? The cassette can be placed on either side.

By the way, the X65 battery pack works without any problems (although you have to be careful with screwing it up here) On the side of the head, there is a short, thick spring surrounded by a contact pad. Small torcs are filled with glue, do not fit with a screwdriver. The contact pad needs to be wiped clean, it looks like there is some lubrication on it.

The knurling on the body is large and relatively tenacious.

But I wouldn’t rely on it anyway. For a comfortable balance, flashlights of this size should be much longer, like 8×18650 powered. Now the head will greatly outweigh and after a while your wrist will really hurt.

Acebeam has provided a solution to this problem. See this threaded hole?

Not only does its presence make it possible to install the flashlight on a tripod, but also, as I said, the flashlight comes with a removable handle. It is attached to the body with a suitable plug. For the convenience of transportation, you can attach a belt to the latter.

This hole had to be shifted one centimeter towards the tail. As it is, I did not manage to properly attach the lanterns to any tripod mount – they were warped.

I think the designers deliberately made the removable handle look like a picatinny bar.

See the little round in the middle of the case under the handle? it is an indicator of the remaining charge.

Green – charge> 30%
Red – charge <30%
Red blinking – charge <10%

Button is relatively small, located on the opposite side, does not protrude and because of this, I think that pressing it with gloves can be somewhat inconvenient. The stroke is shallow, soft, without a click.

The head, as I said at the beginning of the review, is huge, just monstrous. The cooling fins are deep and numerous.

I think that if desired, the bezel could be twisted, there is something to cling to. I tried to twist without applying much effort, it did not work, and I decided to stop there.

The glass under the bezel is deep enough and the chances of accidentally breaking it, in my opinion, are small. And the 4mm thickness also plays into the hands of reliability. Under it is a hefty 112mm diameter funnel of a deep smooth reflector with a dedomed Luminus SBT90.2 at the bottom.

To make it clear, I will show again how much K75 is more in size comparing with well known Convoy C8 +

I have not the slightest criticism either to the appearance or to the quality, except for the question of mounting the tripod head. And, by the way, i reviewed lots of Acebeam models, and had no complaint at all. Seems that is real expection – brand, whose R&D department really use flashlight. Unlike many other brands.


simple and convinient

How the Acebeam K75 illuminates

5700K, alas, is the minimum color temperature for this LED. No PWM flicker, of course.

Despite the large size of the LED, the light distribution here is similar to that of a typical long-range awl. But due to the huge brightness, there is also a good side light in high modes.

The turbo, with its 6300lum, generates an impressive amount of heat. But this is the only mode that frankly heats up the body and even after a series of 4 turbo turns in a row, the flashlight can be safely held in your hands.

For example, High with its 2500 lumens gives an amazing range, but at the same time the flashlight heats up in general at the level of comfortable warmth. In general, the removable handle is needed here not to protect your hand from burns, but only for the convenience of using the flashlight.

Full stabilization in all modes. I used Samsung 25R 2600mah. Judging by the difference between my charts and the stated figures for the rutime with higher capacity batteries , manufacturer’s promises can be considered quite real. The battery voltage after shutdown is even, 2.9v.

There is no effect of cooling on the turbo, the flashlight begins to drop brightness relatively quickly, while the head only has time to symbolically heat up. The only thing worth noting is that after the first turn on, the turbo does not rise above 90% of the original. In general, I was counting on a longer turbo runtime . On the other hand, it is more than enough, which is clearly seen in the video.

And the most interesting thing. Charts are charts, but how does this monster flashlight illuminates?

Even at its lowest brightness, in its paltry ultralow with its 7 lumens, the flashlight gives light visible at a distance of 75m! Below I will talk about a brighter power line. Eco is unambiguously justified in a situation when there is no spare set of batteries and the need to shine more than a kilometer.

Usually I start all my long-throw tests with 50 meters, but even 75 here is a small distance in which you can work in the lowest and longest modes like LOW (150lum). Once again, you will have a day of light, with which you can confidently work at a distance of up to hundreds of meters.

Mid1 380lum is quite visible at a distance of 175 and you can work well with it at that distance. I will not say that the light will be detailed, but you can easily see that a person is walking on the territory. In the photographs, this is all clearly.

Mid2 1250lum – A couple of years ago, before the start of active use in long-range XHP35 \ XPL-Hi, it was the maximum brightness threshold for long-range with one LED. The house located 400m away is fully illuminated, with good detail. Everything is visible. And at a distance of 800 meters, the flashlight works quite confidently. And this, let me remind you – 5 hours in this mode!

High 2500 lumens. Simply gorgeous. You get a fully stabilized light, without subsidence, for two hours working at a distance of at least 1.3 km, that is, much further than anyone needs for real purposes.

*Turbo^… I don’t think there is any need for it at a distance of less than half a kilometer. The video shows that at a distance of 400m, this mode gives as much light as an ordinary EDC flashlight could give if I shine it on the house from a distance of a couple of tens of meters.

As for the video examples, I was waiting for the most cloudless sky to get rid of the parasitic flare of city lighting, but it did not work to bring it to zero. Likewise, I did not find any option to shine at a distance of 2 km. Taking into account the experience of other long-range reviews + the fact that the turbo reaches 100% only at the first start, I would estimate the useful (that is, so that the brightness of the illuminated object has some practical meaning) maximum range of this flashlight at a level of slightly more than 1.5 km, which in any case is extremely high.

Of course, the most interesting thing in the video review, I tried to show as clearly as possible how this long-range monster Acebeam K75 shines at different distances, there actually is something to see. This is video in russian with eng subtitles, soon, i will make full english version for my channel “lumeniac international”


Of course, the price tag and the size make this flashlight a very specific thing and I think that outside the scope of the review you will not get a chance to get acquainted with such a wunderfaffe , so take the review as just an entertaining and educational reading.

Yes, of course, based on the price and size, the vast majority of people will have something simpler and cheaper – Acebeam has more affordable, yet powerful models in the K-line. Well, if you go to the frankly budget segment, then you should look at Sofirn C8G as this flashlight covers 100% of everyday needs.

But! I have been asked more than once what is the most long-range and brightest flashlight. Usually I start to think that “flashlight is either bright or long-range” (why – it is described in my “how to choose flashlight” instruction ), but the K75 is the best fit for both of these characteristics.

This Acebeam K75 review is a clear demonstration of the exceptional abilities of modern flashlight industry. This flashlight shines at a distance where the naked eye is not capable of something smaller than a high building. And at a distance where you can still do without optics, somewhere around half a kilometer, the K75 is able to give out brightness as if you were illuminated with a regular EDC flashlight while being nearby. Even at half of its maximum brightness, it shines as only the most powerful modern long-range flashlights can do. At the same time, for them it will be a short-term turbo, and the Acebeam K75 is capable of two hours of full-fledged operation without a drop in brightness.

Of course, in urban conditions there is little sense from such a flashlight, it simply has nowhere to turn around. But in the open air, especially, in my opinion, due to the relief, in the mountains this super-lantern will show itself in all its glory.

The stunning functionality is combined with presentable packaging and brutal appearance, which makes the flashlight also a good man’s gift. With the maximum probability, the recipient of the gift has never seen anything like it, and now even those who do not want to see it will be forced to see it. Well, if there is a desire to acquire something like that, and the means allow, then this is it. And personally, in choosing between the brightest and the most long-range flashlight, I will choose the most long-range.

In general, it will do an excellent job with the desire to both show off up and help out when there is a need for a super light.

After all these praises, I would like to restore balance and maintain objectivity. There are moments that I didn’t like.

The first one is that the hole for the tripod thread is located too close to the body and not all tripod pads will be easily attached to it.

Two – in all Acebeam models I have met before, they honestly indicated the operating time in a turbo with a brightness drop level, for example, 2min 3000lum + 150min 1000lum. It’s unpleasant to see that with the K75 they followed the usual curved path of many other manufacturers, where the total operating time is indicated, without mentioning the fact of the brightness drop.

Number three – for this price it would be logical to add a shoulder strap. Fortunately, it is not difficult to do this yourself.

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Great review-! I have been holding off on this light because of the sharp drop in Turbo.

Like you have stated in your review, Acebeam should have listed the turbo run time and drop properly.

When companies pull that nonsense it makes you start to wonder what else are they hiding?

Anyway after your review I think it's time to add it to the lineup, as the prices have come down a little.

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Acebeam usually does specify turbo. i`m in process of reviewing X50 v2 right now. they wrote all the timing precisely. 

i dont know why they didnt mention this for K75, because it has decent runtime. 

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Thanks for the review. Definitely a great light with plenty of output and throw.

However, I am picky. I don’t have any high-powered lights that have step downs. They’re either modified or they have Anduril or Narsil where you can set the highest temperature or in Narsils case, you can totally disable the step down.

My TN42vn, Acebeam X65vn MINI, WT90,K1,NI40 ect ALL have the step down completely eliminated by mod or through programming. Thumbs Up

I know the manufacturers do it to protect the average flashlight guy. I don’t know about you but I’m not average! I like my hands to determine when I turn the light down not a 30 or 60 second step down that the manufacturer installs based on temperature or time.

I am a high output person! To me it’s so disappointing to see a light on Max output for 30 or 60 Seconds and then it steps down.

Thanks again for your thorough review. Thumbs Up

EDIT: When this light came out I thought about getting it and having it modified .

I went against that because it’s basically the same specs as my TN42vn

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