Giveaway: Rider RX 7075-AL AA/14500 EDC Flashlight with Fidget

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Acebeam tk16, such an amazing light and so small

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The K75 looks awesome. 

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I’m an AA/14500 addict. So of course the acebeam M10 is my favorite, Hoping to add the rider rx to my collection!

Looking for Acebeam M10? PM ME

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My favorit is the E70 mini.

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BLF FELLOW MEMBERS! Giveaway will happen, when post ‘200’ is met.

So if you want a chance to win, we need ‘44’ more people to post.

Keep the thread on the front page, and we can do it.

Many thanks Acebeam, The M10 is my favorite Acebeam.

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Thanks for the giveaway! I’d really like a W30 one day. So I’ll go with it.

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Love the TK16 Copper, I prefer a flashlight with a “little weight” so I can still feel it in my pants pocket.

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My faves are the UC15 and TK16 (in SST-20).


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My favourite is the RX Rider titanium, got to love Ti. Im in.

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I’m in.
My favourite model has to be the E70. Great design in all aspects.

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For some reason, I do not own or have ever owned an Acebeam flashlight. I hope this does not disqualify me from the giveaway.

I googled and researched Acebeam a little and quickly found out I may the one missing out. They are well known for producing high quality products. I like the M10.

I now want an Acebeam! I hope I win this giveaway!

Thank you.

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I´m in.
My favorite is the Acebeam E70 with GT-FC40 LED.

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I really like the Acebeam E70 Mini Nichia 519A. Thanks very much for the giveaway.

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Deluminator wrote:
I’m an AA/14500 addict. So of course the acebeam M10 is my favorite, Hoping to add the rider rx to my collection!

There is additional option simple and budget friendly AA/14500 EDC Flashlight — ACEBEAM Pokelit AA .

Learn more:

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My favorite Acebeam is the E70 the machining is beautiful
I would like to give the Rider RX a chance

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Never had a acebeam yet but I really like the blue inner tube design of the E series as well the rx, so I’m in for a chance Smile

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In as well. I haven’t owned an Acebeam flashlight yet but I like the looks of this one. Thanks for the great giveaway.

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Thank you, will be glad for this flashlight for my son.
But as for me, headlight like H30 is very nice

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Thank you! Appreciate the giveaway!

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I have owned several lights from the bigger China brands of lights and finds the Acebeam durability and reliability outperforming them all.

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The Rider RX in the rainbow finish really stands out, it makes my current flashlights look ugly. It looks too good to hide in your pocket.

The E70 Mini Ti would be my favourite. Compact, high CRI and decent power output.

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One of my most favourite lights is still the Acebeam T36 LE 4000K.

It’s not really a EDC pocket carry, too large for that and no moonlight, but as utility light it does everything right.

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I just received my orange Acebeam Pokelit a couple of days ago. I’m carrying it to work now.

I think it will probably replace the orange Olight i5R that I was using. Better tint, better CRI. Just have to adjust to mode memory.

I’ve already dropped it once, about 1-1.5m, with no problems.

If I’d known how much I’d like it, I would’ve got one in each color, because they were on sale on Amazon for something like 22u$d…

I think I want to try the Rider RX as well, but I’m waiting, hoping y’all will make one in the orange and black colors of your logo!

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I have the Acebeam W30, and its my favorite, everyone is amazed when they see it. The Rider RX would be a great addition and an amazing EDC.

Thank you for the giveaway!

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W10 fan

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Pretty cool looking AA. I love AA sizes for pocket carry!

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