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LED Suggestions

I’ll keep it short and sweet.

I first heard of/got into this hobby a few months ago. Eventually, i decided to go for two D4V2’s as my first high end lights. Both black, one sporting a Fet+1 driver with W2’s, meant to be my absurdly bright showoff light, and the other a 40W UV Mule for hunting down uranium glass & radium watches in various antique stores.

why o why did i forget to ask for a lighted switch…

I was instantly hooked. The W2’s give off so much light that i’m still surprised they aren’t illegal where i live. But W2’s aren’t all that useful. So its high time to be looking for an actually useful light, in the form of another D4V2 (love that small beast).

I’ve got everything except the LED’s figured out. So here i am. Any suggestions?

- should be somewhere between floody/throwy, making it good for close up work and viewing things at least 10 – 20 meters away.
- Neutral white 5000k tint.
- Decent CRI (preferably >80). Im not a CRI snob.
- >2000 lumen turbo with the boost driver.

General specs thus far:
- Cyan D4V2.
- Cyan lighted switch.
- boost driver.
- default or 10623 carclo optic.


i’ve managed to narrow it down pretty far.
- Neutral White – XP-L HI V2 5D, 4000K
- 219BT-V1, R9080 Neutral White, 4500K
- 519A 4500K with dome

biasing towards the 519A/219BT, but unsure of cri, output and efficiency. Wish hank still offered the XP-L HI 5000k’s. Might ask him about it.

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