[Unpacking] XTAR D06 1600 Diving Flashlight

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[Unpacking] XTAR D06 1600 Diving Flashlight

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XTAR is known for producing high quality chargers
There are several XTAR VP, VC series chargers on hand.
Reasonable price and easy to use

XTAR spares no effort in the diving flashlight market
Has launched a number of diving flashlights, won the market praise

The latest D06 1600 diving flashlight
Using the latest CREE XHP35 Hi D4 LED
Up to 1600 lumens of brightness and a long-range distance of 430 meters
It is a practical flashlight in water and on land.

White carton, color printing, beautiful and generous

In addition to the latest LED
One-hand operation, double waterproof aprons, low standby current, all are featured

Magnetically controlled side slip switch, completely waterproof

Warrant serial number and genuine sticker

Back of the carton

Flashlight manual and charger manual (with a single lithium charger)

The wind blows away a piece…Falling at sea

Beautiful blue inner box

Single-slot charger, USB charging cable, hand strap, and apron, magnetron switch spares in the side box

USB single slot charger (There should be an original 3400mAh battery, which cannot be attached due to air transport)

Waterproof rubber ring, magnetron switch spare parts
Can see a small magnet

First install the magnet into the small cartridge
The back of the photo is a special hand rope, which is more suitable for underwater use.

Spare magnet switch combination completed

Bright shape and good hand feel

Blue rubber ring on the head, very beautiful

Trademark on blue rubber ring, XTAR

Glossy light cup, strengthen long shot


The warranty serial number is the same as the serial number on the packaging tray.

Circuit warehouse


Double waterproof rubber ring (both front and rear)

Thick spring in tail cap

Sliding magnetic switch (without contact)

double barrel

Tail cover rope hole

Using the inner barrel to conduct electricity

Charger manual

Flashlight manual

Technical information

Flat angle

Close spot

Thanks for watching

Sorry for my poor english.

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Thanks for the review
Do you know what is the voltage of the LED?
Is it working at 12v?