Recommendation for a new flashlight

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Recommendation for a new flashlight

Hello, This is what I previously had:


501A P-60 host.

Ultrafire 3 mode XML P-60 drop in.

900 lumens.

18350 Lion Trustfire Flame rechargeable batteries.


Is there something new of similar size and similar price range (It cost me $40), with better batteries that last longer with more lumen?

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So, a 1x18350 flashlight...

Those are kinda rare.

Would a 1x18650 flashlight be too large?

That would be an easy way to get a longer runtime.

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Depending on your preference for head diameter and switch type, there are quite a few options with Osram W1 LEDs; not quite 900 lumen , but close – and not very power hungry. I think a vendor (flashquark) was just advertising a Mateminco MT35 Mini-S that came with both an 18350 and 18650 tube in the $25 range; possibly cheaper from Ali or BG or elsewhere. My 18350s are Thrunite T1, Catapult Mini, Manker MC13, and Astrolux EA01S; I tend to only carry the EA01S since I can change battery tubes and the T1 for its size.

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