Lights Flickering

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Lights Flickering

i have two 14500 lights -- a C3 and S10 -- and both (especially the C3) have an intermittent flickering issue. it's a high-speed flicker and shaking or tapping the light usually fixes it. i think something may be loose inside, but i have no clue as to the inner workings of these things. any ideas or suggestions?

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make sure all contacts are clean and it is all screwed together properly   try tightening the switch i have had a few lights with similar faults and it is usually somthing not tightened properly

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Sometimes it´s the contact between the clicky and the spring to battery -.

I had this problem on Eastward YJ J08.

The spring is soldered separately and contact is only 100%, if this 2 parts pressed togehter.

If tailcap was screwed out (only a little, little bit) contact can be interrupted.


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The C3 is primarily dependent upon the body biting into two solder blobs on the head - they can give trouble.


See here


The numbers from my light tests are always to be found here.

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Tail first .. I have a small victorionox knife with small sicissors on my key chain and i use them spread out to hit each hole and crank the tail cap tighter .in my experiance that is 85% of it right there... if it's loose at all  then it's the cure .. the heads more of a pain  one  thing is the reflector mashing / over mashing the emitter .. some lights want it to happen some lights no,as it short out the emitter , solder blobs of course as was stated by don ..  try the tail first  try jumping around the tail with a paperclip or a wire to make sure .. to isolate the problem ...OR  Buy 20 more  lights ...  < most widly used  method on BLF

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