Typhoon! No shipments out of HK

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Typhoon! No shipments out of HK

Hong Kong and other parts of China have been suffering through a really nasty typhoon (hurricane for us Americans) and shipments have been delayed some. As an example, I placed an order yesterday with Fancy Flashlights and have been informed it will ship the 27th or 28th HK time.

More importantly I hope the casualties are kept to a minimum!

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oh oh..I hope my tn30 makes it through..it left, but hasn’t hit Canada yet.. Oops

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At least they have lots of nice torches and batteries if the power goes out!

Rats, finally sold my 2010 509hp Mustang...now I can buy more lights!

Sold the red one too! Now guess what I drive, doing my penance for 500 hp commuters...



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First time since 1999 that they declared hurricane status. Major storm! Wish them well and safe.

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ultey wrote:
yes, the shipments have been delayed, but they have some alternative warehouses. I bought my cree Q5 led flashlight from TD which turned out to be in their AU warehouse a while back and it took only 3 days.

What an AU warehouse. Probably in someone’s garage.



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Hey, edc and others, can you mangle the t!ny-de@l links when you quote spammers ike “ultey”?

If I understand the system, they pepper forums with links and that improves T-D’s ranking in search engines because they’ve been mentioned more often. We mark them as spammers so they disappear, but then quotes remain and have the same effect.

(I’m on a bit of a T-D tear right now, because they’ve been doing this carp for weeks now, with a T-D link buried in a post that’s not overt spam but isn’t particularly related to the thread, either.)


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I think its already finished…., that it was yesterday.

I dont believe there’ll be long delays, I believe that everything ‘ll be as usual

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There is no tropical cyclone warning for shipping (or any other cyclone warnings for that matter) in HK now.