Tint Comparison - white vs neutral white. Pic heavy

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Tint Comparison - white vs neutral white. Pic heavy

Ultrafire XM-L C8 White


XinTD V3 C8 Neutral White 3C

Tibouchina mouseover = XinTD:

Azalea mouseover = XinTD

XinTD on right: 

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Nice comparison shots Smile

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Now if only my XinTD would get here ...

Thanks for the beamshots !

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Thanks for the beamshots. Smile

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thanks suncoaster. couldnt see the mouse overs as i am currently browsing on my phone… but will check this out later.

jacktheclipper, i too am waiting for the very same light to arrive, i went for cool white in the end, for the extra brightness. i havent become a tint snob yet however i feel it may only be a matter of time.

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I just received a Warm White XML drop in from ManaFont and I am loving it. I have a few neutral ones from Int Outdoor which are my favorite, but this thing looks just like an incandescent.

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The pics show the difference between Neutral white and cool white quite well. Neutral white is great, I just got some warm white 0.5w LEDs and I find them too warm and yellow, so I
ll be sticking with neutral white!

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Suncoaster, thank you for the tint comparison. A picture (or pictures) is worth a thousand words.