SOLD: XinTD C8 Version 2 Cool White XM-L 3 Modes with Holster

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SOLD: XinTD C8 Version 2 Cool White XM-L 3 Modes with Holster

Selling a new XinTD C8 (SC-82), version 2 with cool white XM-L led and 3 modes. I’m also including the holster that sells for C8 lights.

Asking for $21 shipped anywhere in the U.S. Thanks!

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I will take it…PM sent

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Next in line if he doesnt want it!

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That's a steel! Great light.

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Nice deal on a great light!

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Wow! Sold in 5 minutes! I thought my DRY sold fast with 15 minutes. What a great deal on a great light. Great score, Wylde21! Cool