Lumen Estimates for SE-1

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Lumen Estimates for SE-1

I would like to know if Balder’s lumen estimates are correct. They say 325, but it seems like RdL’s Amp draws say otherwise.

Candlepower (abbreviated as CP) is a now-obsolete unit which was used to express levels of light intensity.

Candlepowerforums (abbreviated as CPF) a website, also obsolete, drive

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Comparing it with other lights, I would say it is a very close number. The XML is also very floody & the XPG (while not as bright) has some pretty good throw. Love-um.


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From that review you linked it looks like it draws 2 amps on high with a lion. I’d think an XM-L at two amps should clear 325 lumens easily.

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This chart has been made for a upcoming review on the N-Light ST50. As you can see, my ceiling bounce estimation claims 356 lumen with a fully charged Li-Ion.

Hope it helps.

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Very helpful graph, thank you!