The BIG flashlight collection thread - List your flashlight collection here!

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(sorted by overall similarities)

Fandyfire STL-V6
UltraFire HD2010


UltraFire UF-T70
TrustFire TR-J12
TrustFire TR-3T6


XinTD C8 (T6 NW)
Rominsen RC-T601
UniqueFire C8 (XM-L T6)
UltraFire UF-980L


Solarforce L2P (Blue/intl-outdoor NW T6)
Solarforce L2P (Grey/Manafont XM-L)
Solarforce L2 (Black/XRG-R5)
UltraFire WF-504B (Black & Silver/XM-L T6)
UltraFire WF-501B (XM-L, XRG-R5, Red, Blue, Green, UV)
Surefire G2


UltraFire HD2011
UltraFire UF-2100
UltraFire V6-T60


UltraFire U20S
UniqueFire G10
UltraFire C3 (Q3, Q5)
Aurora SH0030


Rominsen RC-C8
Tank007 TK-736
Tank TK-566


SmallSun ZY-T620
SmallSun ZY-C10-S
UniqueFire HS-801
UltraFire WF-016
UltraFire TH-T60

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UF 504B

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Surefire 6p
Photon Proton Pro
Zebralight H51 and H51f
Princeton Tec EOS
Petzl XP
Black Diamond Storn
Thrunite TI
Ultrafire T50
modified UltraBJ08A (2)
modified Aurora (18650 XR-E) aspheric
11 color RBG light from ThinkGeek
Uniquefire L2
Ultrafire single mode XP-E AAA light
(2) Old Skool 2D incand lights
Various button cell lights including red, white and UV
Smallsun ZY-C10-S cannibalized for parts
several dive lights

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Sirius9 -

That was awesome . . . . laughed out loud.



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4sevens Quark “X” AA² tactical
4sevens Quark “X” 123² tactical
ShiningBeam Spark
Trustfire Z2
3D LED Maglite
Roche F12 (IOS) XM-L Neutral White T6 3C
Thrunite Ti
Nitecore CR6
Nitecore SRT7
Nitecore SRT3
Nitecore TM11
Nitecore EC25
Nitecore EA4 (NW)
Nitecore EA8
Nitecore HC50
Naithawk M.1
Solarforce Z1
Solarforce L2T + ALXM2
Fenix TK35

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Fenix TK75 U2. 3 x XML U2.
Klarus XT20. XML U2.
Fenix TK21 U2. XML U2.
Fenix PD32. XPG R5.
Foursevens Maelstrom MM-X. T6
Olight M22.
Olight i6.
Fenix LD22. XPG 2.

Klarus P2A. XPG R5. 2AA. 010212. 1st light.
4sevens Quark AA2 Neutral White. XPG R5.
DQG 18650.
Xeno Tiger F7. XML T6.
Ultrafire UF T50. XML T6.
Ultrafire UF H6. XML T6.
Solarforce L2T. XML T6.
Solarforce L2 Black w SS Clip.
Solarforce L2 Sand.

Archon M60. Damaged.
Small Sun TK35 Clone.

Ultrafire 504b. XML T6. 5 modes. Brompton 2nd.
Ultrafire C8. XML T6. 5 mode. Throw. Brompton 1st.

Skyray. XML T6.
Ultrafire 2100.
Ultrafire UF-980L.
Trustfire Z5.

Romisen R5.
Sipik SK68.
Ultrafire C3
Sipik SK75.

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the wrote:

Hi everyone,

As discussed here, it’s not good to list your flashlight collection in your signature.

BUT it would be nice to know what kind of collection each of us have, so here’s a thread dedicated to sharing that information.


1. Reply to this thread and list your collection

2. Copy a direct link to your reply and paste it to your signature (make it pretty with picture if / when you want so)

3. Update your reply with new lights as soon as you receive them

4. Try to keep this thread clean of unnecessary discussion (yeah, shure, this is BLF after all :bigsmile:)

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Got to get down to listing them out some day!

Excluding a bunch of bike lights, diving and plastic lights:-

Maglite Collection: 0.5C (1), 1C (4), 2C (5), 3C (2), 1.5D (1), 2D (1), 3D (1)




Together with some Ultrafires, Nuwais, various DX lights

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okwchin wrote:



  • Solitaire Lime Green Non-knurled
  • LF2XT


  • D10
  • D10SP
  • D11.2
  • C10A
  • V10A
  • Defender Infinity
  • BLF Tank
  • R5A3
  • LF5XT
  • Maratac AA SS polish
  • Police 3W
  • DQG AA
  • Mag 2AA black
  • UF.H2b
  • Mag 3D Black
  • Mag 4D Black
  • BigW 4D Grey


  • EX10
  • EX10SP
  • EX11.2
  • V10R
  • EZ123w
  • Extreme Infinity
  • Storm
  • Rotary


  • Custom triple XP-G
  • V10R
  • 120P
  • Predator
  • G6
  • M60R
  • V60C
  • Legion II


Most of the family as of May 2012, with apologies from a D10 at the office, A DQG III AAA on the keychain, A black LF2XT, Maglights, and my DIY stuff from before 5mm white LEDs even existed!

How did you took/edited that pictures.

How you managed to get this white surface/backrgound?

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@trueimage is that bed cpecial just for your flashlights Smile Special cushions ? Big Smile

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Ecig wrote:
@trueimage is that bed cpecial just for your flashlights Smile Special cushions ? Big Smile

Yup, I sleep with my flashlights Smile . Seriously, I used a mattress protector because it’s the closest I could get to the nice, plain white background that I was aiming for :bigsmile:

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really a big collection!!!


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Are you a Maglights manufacturer?

okwchin wrote:



  • Solitaire Lime Green Non-knurled
  • LF2XT


  • D10
  • D10SP
  • D11.2
  • C10A
  • V10A
  • Defender Infinity
  • BLF Tank
  • R5A3
  • LF5XT
  • Maratac AA SS polish
  • Police 3W
  • DQG AA
  • Mag 2AA black
  • UF.H2b
  • Mag 3D Black
  • Mag 4D Black
  • BigW 4D Grey


  • EX10
  • EX10SP
  • EX11.2
  • V10R
  • EZ123w
  • Extreme Infinity
  • Storm
  • Rotary


  • Custom triple XP-G
  • V10R
  • 120P
  • Predator
  • G6
  • M60R
  • V60C
  • Legion II


Most of the family as of May 2012, with apologies from a D10 at the office, A DQG III AAA on the keychain, A black LF2XT, Maglights, and my DIY stuff from before 5mm white LEDs even existed!

Aspheric Lens / Large Aspheric Lens/Projector Aspheric Lens /CCTV Aspheric Lens /LED Aspheric Lens /Aspheric Condenser Lenses /Laser Aspheric Lens /Laser Components /Blue Laser Col

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By looking at your collection you obviously have been around lights like I have only all of my other lights are big guns and expensive ones down to the little ones but still from reputable manufacturers.

All I am saying is be careful what you say as TACTICOOL still sounds to me like a sarcastic remark in my book and most others I am sure.

With your vast experience in the flashlight field you should know better after probably sending a lot of replies to other members that words can hurt or be taken the wrong way.

I still think it was a put-down by you but maybe you are too big in this field to humbly admit that what you stated in your reply could be sarcastic and probably a put-down to a new member that you thought knew nothing much about the flashlight field or anything technical.

I have had a love and used a lot of flashlights in my trades, flashlights are a necessity to get light into places without intrusion around live production stages and TV studios especially and crawling over big multi purpose theatrical buildings doing maintenance or crawling under desks doing IT work.

As far as optics are concerned I learned a lot about that field when I earned a University Degree in photography while I was a a photographic enthusiast and developed a business taking photos specialising in low light situations like live stage productions and also fast shutter stuff like sports.

I did it with a mate of mine using old time film and slide film in black and white for special purposes to convey a theme or colour using the best Canon gear and processing using Fuji equipment at that time before we changed to Digital Technology which was easy because we had done it the hard way before.

Yes we used light meters and manual settings and had to understand aparture settings, depth of field etc, medium format cameras and large format cameras for special situations that only the resolution of a large format old style film camera could give when the shot needs to be blown up for magazine use etc.

So the new boy on the block member you replied to has credentials in electricity, electronics, Information Technolgy accredited, Stage Lighting Supervisor, Photography enthusiast with my own backyard lab with the best Canon cameras and lenses that money could buy and also my vast knowledge of forums and the possible comments that can easily be taken the wrong way.

Please put your view online to me if you think I was being hard or hurting your feelings as that was not my intention.

Between you and I we should be able to help other BLF members who are less informed about these subjects as we were years ago or because they are young or just plain NEWBIES without witty careless remarks that may discourage them as that is the purpose of this Forum, isn’t it!

Good Night I am off to bed.


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^^^Why don’t you try asking what was meant, rather than trying to impress with your resume ? Your multiple-threaded attempt at bullying comes off a bit douchey.

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Thrunite T10 (quality AA light, XP-G, 3 levels)
Trustfire TR-801 (good edc, XR-E with 18650)
Palmblaze Luxeon K2 (nice edc light, 2×123 with tir optic, cool square emitter beam image)
Fandyfire 2100 R5 (UF2100 style, well driven XP-G R5, 18650, 5 modes)
Fandyfire 2100 modded (dedomed copper XPG2, nanjg 2.8A)
Uniquefire 2100 (UF2100 style, XM-L 18650, 5 modes) SOLD
Intl-Outdoor EDC (good quality and anodizing host, XP-G2 NW, 18650)


Ultrafire UF-H3B (flood XR-E Q5 infinitely variable with strong magnetic tailcap)

Single 18650 flashlight

Lumapower DminiVX Ultra (with tele-head and modded with XP-G2, great pocket thrower)
Fenix TK21 U2 (not the brightest anymore but really comfortable to use, separate buttons for power and mode)
Ultrafire Uf-007 (recoil flashlight, amazing little thrower, square emitter beam image and zero spill, no rings and no artifacts)
Ultrafire Uf-009 (like the above 007, but with additional front xpe pure flood)
Ultrafire Uf C8 SS Xm-l (converted with XinTd pill and 105c driver)
Luxeon K2 Police (unbranded, very first 18650 flashlight I bought on ebay more than 5 years ago, and has been used 3 years for work everyday, still perfectly working except anodizing is worn)
CNQG Upgraded version C8 (different body shape, same C8 reflector, nanjg105c + XM-L) SOLD
SkyRay S-R5 (P60 host with Ultrafire XP-G SMO pill) SOLD
XinTD V3 (C8 style with 105c driver and XM-L U3) SOLD
SWM T20CS (born as XM-L, modded with XP-G2 R5 2B on Noctigon copper pcb: Wow!!)
*Crelant 7G6CS (compact thrower XM-L U3, best output with 2×123a or 18350 IMR)
*XinTD SC82 V4 (the best C8 around: XM-L2, Qlite driver, coated lense, strong body)
Ultrafire A9-T60 (slightly longer than a C8, deep reflector, nice throw but cheaper host) SOLD
Explorer E53 (born as XP-G, modded with XP-G2 R5 on Noctigon copper pcb and Lumapower driver: great throw and in a nice pro looking host, excellent dissipation)
Lumintop Hunter T5 (Wow! Unbelievable thrower for the size, XP-G2 and excellent deep reflector, razor sharp hotspot. Had to try to swap driver some day, to increase current)
Ultrafire TK21 (clone of Fenix but without side button, great host, reflector and pill thickness are ok, anodized tailcap threads. With a copper XP-G2 and a qlite105 turned out better than original Fenix one!)
Ultrafire SH-TG2 (fair similar to RRT-1, it’s a great host, anodized tailcap threads, steel bezel and and tail, throwy reflector. Mine now has dedomed copper XM-L2 A1 and 105c)
Armytek Predator Pro (expensive top-quality tactical flashlight, top-notch anti-slip anodizing, well driven XP-G2 NW in a throwy deep reflector, complicated programmable UI)

Single 26650 flashlight

Ultrafire HD-2010 (large reflector and XM-L, great throw. Always start on high, resistor modded driver)
Cyclone C88 (26650 and XM-L in a host which is still jacket-pocketable, 3 modes no blinks) SOLD

Larger flashlights

Olight SR-51 (2×18650, XM-L U2 do-it-all flashlight with good throw) SOLD
Sunwayman V60C (maybe my most loved flashlight, love the finish, and great thrower too, 3×18650 XM-L, infinitely variable ring)
Fenix TK-35 (versatile like a tool, no nonsense flashlight, very strong)
Crelant 7G5 (born as XM-L thrower with poor UI, modded with XM-L U3 on copper and I.O. 3.4A driver, short body 2×18500 IMR: super thrower!, Now swapped emitter to XM-L2 U2 1C)
Mag 4D with led Terralux Ministar 5 conversion (old fashion memories…)
Thrunite TN31 XM-L SOLD
Thrunite TN31 XM-L2 (Big sized monster thrower, large reflector, XM-L2 with ring mode selector, 3×18650. Now with resistor mod driver to bump current to 6A, and it THROWS!)


DRY NW 4modes turbo (3 xml, 3 18650, Bright!) SOLD
DRY CW 4modes turbo + stepdown (a little safer to use than previous one) SOLD
Fandyfire UV-S5 (one of the Skyray King rebrands, good quality version with the good driver)

Aspheric dedicated thrower

Deerelight DBS Nightmaster EZ900 (specialized aspheric thrower, after accidental dedoming the EZ900 emitter died. Now is running with a dedomed XP-G2 2B nice tint)

UV Flashlight

UV 380nm P60 into SkyRay S-R5 host (got bitten from UV light curiosity, kicked in the ass from wife after playing CSI in her kitchen… S) )

currently on order:
Rofis TR31

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Ok, here’s mine:

Eagletac T100C2MkII cool white, SMO.

Ultrafire WF-008 recoil thrower – single mode. Big Smile

Sipik Sk68 of course.

Uniquefire S10

Solarforce L2i black, single mode XR-E SMO

Solarforce L2, sand, single mode XR-E aspheric

Solarforce L2, sand, single mode red Solarforce dropin, aspheric

Solarforce L2, silver, single mode XR-E, SMO GITD tailcap

Solarforce P1, brown, 3 mode s/force XP-G with SMO

Solarforce L2T, three mode Ultrafire XM-L with SMO and GITD switch

Solarforce 2011 L2M with the Pro-1 head, 1×18650

Solarforce L2M, 2011, black with 3 mode s/force XP-G and SMO

Black Diamond Spot head lamp.

Missing in action – Princeton Tec Eos head lamp. Sad

Generic flood – throw headlamp 3xAAA

Arriving any day will be the Roche Desert Mini with cool white XM-L from int-outdoors.

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Jetbeam BC-40W

Shiningbeam Blaze

2 costco cheap tacticals

amazon xr-e Aspheric thrower, more for show since my 18650 lights out throw it

over 9000 of varying quality showerheads

Firefoxes IV – Jetbeam BC40W – Shiningbeam Blaze – Xeno E03 – Ultrafire 502b (EDC)

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IlluminatiTi CA1-Titanium from BatteryJunction, w/10440 (very bright 115+ lumens running a not recommended 10440 gets hot fast)

TANK007 E09 (great deal at $13, decent brightness, comes on in high mode a big +)

TANK007 E10 from MF - not sure if will keep or gift it

iTP A03 EOS (Upgraded)



UniqueFire F12-A U2 (nice host, solid, quality feel, but messy mode switching, heavy, under-driven, can't tail-stand safely - mod'd to 2.8A 7135 driver, replaced button with GITD so it tail stands -- very nice light now, maybe my favorite!!)

Romisen RC-29, 3 mode, fwd-clicky (nice little light)

Sipik SK68 Gray (gold standard of 14500 lights)



FandyFire STL-V2 (3 T6's, 2-18650's, very bright)

Crelant 7G9 (U2, 3-18650's, great thrower, quality unit, stays incredibly cool -- updated to 7135 driver by vinh, powerful, actually gets a little warm now - 4.5A on a fresh Pana 2900 mA)

HD2010 from TMART (throws very well - gave one away, kept one - 4.6A on a fresh Pana 2900 mA)

UltraFire C8 U2, from LightMalls (really nice! Lives up to the BLF reviews - whopping 5.1A on a fresh Pana 2900 mA)

UltraFire NH-T60, T6 (bright, runs 4.8A on a fresh pana 2900 mAh)

UF-V3, w/U2 rated at 3 amps from LightMalls (2.6A on a fresh pana 2900 mAh)

EDC 18650 U2 from I-O, 850 lms rated in gray (compact for a 18650 light, pretty bright, gets too hot, 2.45A on a fresh pana 2900 mAh)

SmallSun ZY-T624 T6 (nice overall 18650 quality light, flood+throw, good brightness -  mod'd, but only doing 2.65A - think I fried a 7135, it was 3.03A)

Sipik SK73 (Qty 2), small, light, cheap compact zoom (I like these, versatile, decent brightness and throw, though quality is cheap - 3.9A on a fresh Pana 2900 mA)

NEW-S06C T6 Zoom - DX (ok for a cheap compact T6 zoom - 2.65A on a fresh Pana 2900 mA)

TrustFire Z3 (zoom - disappointing beam pattern in flood, not as bright as Sipik SK73, quality/look is good)

UF C2 MC-E (700-900 lms rated, pretty bright, gets hot pretty quick too)

Tank007 TK-737 (zoom - solid quality, older unit, not so bright)


On Order:

C8 T6 Steel head from TMART  (will be mod'ing this)

2 BLF Mini-01's (patiently waiting as many others are -- looks impressive)

Jacob A60 from DX


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I only have three so far, but we all have to start somewhere.


Dereelight DBS V3 3SM XM-L T6 Neutral

Dereelight DBS T Night Master Aspheric XR-E R2 EZ900

Trusfire TR-3T6

Feniz TA21


Chicken Drumstick
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My Reviews:
Crelant V9CS
TTS drop ins for MagLite D Series
Trustfire A8 BLF Edition
Fenix HP05
XB-D Trustfire Z8 vs a SK68 XR-E
Solarforce Z1
Tank007 PA01 and PA02 1xAAA clicky
Beamshots from some of my lights
Tiny 18650 XM-L2 Review & Comparison
Nichia219 Trustfire Z8
POP lite T33 (BEAM shots added) a Led Lenser clone/copy/alternative
Fog beam shots – XM-L’s vs XP-E and XP-G
Convoy S4 Nichia219B & 3amp Qlite
Lumintop SD20 XM-L2 side switch EDC
Fenix HP05 – XP-G – 3xAA


Make Model Modified Comments
Steamlight Stylus No


Make Model Modified Comments
MagLite Mini MagLite Silver Yes 18 lumen drop in
MagLite Solitaire Yes 13 lumen drop in
PremierLight PL-B Compass No
True Utility TU80 MaxiLite No


Make Model Modified Comments
MagLite Mini MagLite Blue Yes TerraLUX MiniStar2, TerraLUX clicky tail switch & DX aspheric lens set to flood
MagLite Mini MagLite Blue Yes NiteIze IQ clicky tail switch
SIPIK SK68 Yes Baked anodising
Tesco CREE AA No


Make Model Modified Comments
MagLite Mini MagLite Yes Baked anodising, Solarforce XM-L U2 (3 mode) p60 conversion, SMO TerraLUX reflector and 14500 power
Trustfire Z8 No


Make Model Modified Comments
Klarus NT20 No
Trustfire BLF Mini No


Make Model Modified Comments
Crelant V9CS XM-L U2 No
EagleTac D25LC2 Mini XP-G S2 No
Small Sun ZY-T13 T6 No
Solarforce L2M (2012 Edition) No Manafont Ultrafire 3 mode XM-L T6 drop in


Make Model Modified Comments
Trustfire A8 BLF Edition No

D cell:

Make Model Modified Comments
MagLite 2D Yes Baked anodising. Glass Lens
MagLite 2D Red No
MagLite 3D Yes ‘The Torch Site’ (TTS) 200 Lumen XP-G R5 drop in and DX aspheric lens
MagLite 6D Yes ‘The Torch Site’ (TTS) 180 Lumen XP-E drop in. Glass lens
MagLite 6D No
Tesco CREE 2D No

other cell types

Make Model Modified Comments
MagLite MagCharger No
Spotlight Turbo No
RoHS 12v No

p60 drop ins

Make Emitter Modes
Solarforce XM-L U2 3 mode
Manafont Ultrafire XM-L T6 3 mode

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That may be the shortest list in this thread.




But there are 2 hosts from SF incoming and a semi-custom drop-in is gonna be build soon, so I’m fine. Wink

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I just have a video !

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Location: Montreal

TrustFire X8 XM-LT60
TrustFire mini-01
Ultrafire WF-502B Cree R2-WC 250-Lumen
Ultrafire KF-T60 HA-II XM-LT60
Dorcy 220lm (thrower)
NEW-10B CREE Q5 3-Mode – DX
2 × 35W HID – 6000k
Crelant 7G9
TrustFire Z8


Green laser pointer 532nm 230mW

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Location: UK

LED Disco Lighting – DJ LED Dynamic Cloud Lighting Club Bars KTV Party 5V
Cloud Lighting – DJ Disco Laser Dynamic Cloud Light Club Bars KTV Party 5V
Indicator LED Light – DC 12V 22mm Red Indicator Light with Buzzer
Solar Powered Radio Flashlight – 3-LED Flashlight Recharging Torch Dynamo Hand Crank Solar Powered Torch
Dynamo Radio Flashlight – 2-LED Mini Dynamo Wind-up KeyChain Torch Flashlight Lamp
Usb Led Flashlight – Rechargeable USB Mini LED Torch Lamp Light Pocket Flashlight with Keychain Yellow

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Location: Australia

My collection is made up of:

HID Flashlights:

  1. Fire-Foxes FF4 HID (sold)
  2. "eBay" 85W HID (sold)

Soda Can Lights:

  1. Thrunite TN36 NW (3 MK-R)
  2. Skyray King Black (3 XM-L T6) (sold)

18650 Lights:

  1. Nitecore MH20GT (Backpack EDC)
  2. Astrolux S41S Nichia 219B modded (with 18650 tube)
  3. Emisar D1s XPL HI
  4. Ultrafire H6 headlamp (sold)
  5. Ultrafire Zoomie XM-L T6 
  6. Ultrafire C8 XM-L U2
  7. Ultrafire C12 XM-L2 (Gifted)
  8. Ultrafire C12 XM-L T6
  9. Ultrafire HD2011
  10. Ultrafire Sipik 98 clone

26650 Lights:

  1. Ultrafire HD2010 (with direct drive mod)
18350 Lights:
  1. Astrolux S41S Nichia 219B modded (Pocket EDC)
  2. Astrolux S41 Nichia 219B modded (anodization stripped)
  3. Emisar D4 Nichia 219C (18350 tube) 
  4. Emisar D1 XPL HI (18350 tube)

21700 Lights:

  1. Acebeam W30

AAA/AA Lights:

  1. Lumintop Tool Ti
  2. Lumintop Tool Cu modded with E-switch from Tool Ti
  3. Nitecore MT06MD Nichia 219B penlight
  4. Thrunite Archer 1A
  5. Fenix E05 2014

16340/CR123A Lights:

  1. Olight S10R II

Keychain Lights:

  1. Nitecore Tube
  2. Astrolux M01 Nichia 219B keychain light
  3. Nitecore Tube UV
  4. Skillhunt KC-01

Random Lights:

  1. Q5 generic zoomie
  2. Small Sun ZY-304 (succumbed to torment)
  3. OEM Stainless steel AAA Cree X-RE
  4. Various random Daiso flashlights (for educating friends about good vs. crap lights)
  1. Nitecore D4 Digicharger
  2. Nitecore i4 Intellicharger
  1. 4x Thrunite Protected 3400mAh 18650
  2. 4x Panasonic NCR18650B (protected, 3400mAh)
  3. 4x Panasonic NCR18650A (unprotected, 3100mAh)
  4. 4x Samsung 30Q INR high drain (3000mAh)
  5. 8x Keeppower IMR16350 (750mAh)
  6. 5x Trustfire Flames 18650 (2400mAh)
  7. 1x King Kong 26650 (4000mAh)
  8. 16x Sanyo Eneloops AA 2000mAh
  9. 4x Sanyo Eneloops AAA 750mAh
  10. 4x Sanyo Eneloop Pros AAA
  12. 10x Samsung 18650-20b (2000mAh) (decommissioned due to safety concerns)
  13. 4x Ultrafire 18650 (Theoretical 2400mAh) (decommissioned due to safety concerns)
  14. 4x Ultrafire 14500 (Theoretical 1200mAh) (decommissioned due to safety concerns)
  15. 2x Uniquefire 10440 (Theoretical 1000mAh) (decommissioned due to safety concerns)
Recommended products are in bold
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Posts: 195
Location: Finland

Started collecting on December 2011 and here are mine so far…

Astrolux A01 Cu “BLF Edition”
BLF GT70 by Lumintop (nw)
BLF Q8 by Thorfire
BLF SP36 by Sofirn (LH351D 5000K)
CQG S2 XP-G2 BLF Edition
Eagle Eye X6 BLF-SE (nw)
Eagle Eye X6 BLF-SE (cw)
Kronos X6/X5 SS/Cu with box (1A) [102/400]
Kronos X6/X5 SS/Cu with box (3B) [210/400]
LuckySun BLF D80-SE (3C)
Manker-BLF A6 SE (1A)
Manker-BLF A6 SE (3B)
Manker-BLF A6 SE (5A)
Manker-BLF A6 SE Bare (3D)
Manker-BLF A6 SE Bare (5A)
Maxtoch M24 Sniper “BLF TE”
SingFire BLF-348 (Nichia)
Starry Light SA-22 (BLF Edition)
ThruNite T10 Saber “BLF

Acebeam M20 (tan)
Acebeam TK18 Cu (LH351D)
Acebeam K60 (black)
Acebeam E70 (5000K)(brass)
Aimai AF04
Airayland TC8
Alonefire BK102 Gladiator
Amutorch AL1 (nw)
Apex ST6
Armytek Prime A2 Pro (CW)
Armytek Wizard Pro v3 (XHP-50 neutral)
Astrolux K1 (colorful)
Astrolux M01 (nichia 219B)
Astrolux M02 (XP-G3)
Astrolux A01 (orange & green)
Astrolux A02 (4000K) (green)
Astrolux K01Cu (3D)
Astrolux S41S (219B, colored, with 18650-tube)
Astrolux S42 (XP-G3)
Astrolux S43S (XP-G3)
Astrolux HL02 (SFS80 4000K)(jungle camo)
Astrolux HL02 (SFS80 6500K)(orange)
Astrolux MH10 (nw)
Astrolux C8 Brass (XP-L Hi 3B)
Astrolux C8 Copper (SST-40 5700K)
Astrolux FT03 Mini (SFS80)(green)
Astrolux MF-01 (XP-G3)
Astrolux MF01S (4000K)(blue)
Astrolux FT03 (nw)
Astrolux EC03 (XHP50.2 6500K)(brown)
Astrolux FT02S (SST-40 5000K)(green)
Astrolux MF01 Mini Copper (XP-L Hi 3B)(Man of Light copperheatsinkmod)
Astrolux MF01 Mini Brass (SST-20 4000K)(Man of Light copperheatsinkmod)
Astrolux EA01S (SST-40 5000K)(blue)
Balder HD-1
Black Shadow EVA
BlitzWolf BW-ET1
Bronte RA01-Au
Bronte TU10 Ti
BTU Mini TC4 (1A)
Convoy Tiny (6000K)
Convoy H1 (4200K)
Convoy S2+ 18350 (XM-L2 T4-7A – grey)
Convoy S2 (XP-L Hi U6-4B – grey)
Convoy S2+ (XM-L2 T6-4C – red)
Convoy S2+ (XM-L2 T6-3B – blue)
Convoy S2+ (XM-L2 T5-5B – green)
Convoy S2+ (XP-L Hi V2-1A – silver)
Convoy S2+ (XP-L Hi U6-3A – sand)
Convoy S2+ (XP-L Hi U6-4C – copper) (Biscotti)
Convoy S2+ (219C 4000K – cyan) (Biscotti)
Convoy S2+ (219C 5700K – orange) (Biscotti)
Convoy S2+ (SST-20 4000K – violet) (Biscotti)
Convoy S2+ (SST-40 5000K)
Convoy S2+ (modded to LH351D 5000K CRI90 – violet)
Convoy S2+ (modded to Seoul SZ M2 4000K CRI80 – orange)
Convoy S21A (SST-40 5000K – dark green) (12 groups)
CooYoo Quantum SS
CooYoo Quantum CY
CooYoo Quantum CR
CooYoo Quantum TI
CooYoo Quantum TI S
CooYoo Quantum TI B
CQG S1 Upgrade version (nw)
CQG Tiny Titanium AA
CQG Bullet Upgraded Version
CQG Brass 18650 (XP-G2 cw)
CQG Brass 18650 New Model (XM-L2 cw)
CQG Brass 18650 Cube
Crelant V21A
Crelant V4A (nw)
Crelant 7G6CS
Crelant 7G5MT
D.Q.G. Fairy (nw)
D.Q.G. Hobi (brass cw + 2 extenders)
D.Q.G. Spy Ti (cw)
D.Q.G. Spy SS (XP-L)
D.Q.G. Tiny AAA
D.Q.G. Tiny 18650 II (cw)
D.Q.G. Tiny 18650 IV (nw)
D.Q.G. Brass Art
D.Q.G. Tiny 26650 v2
EagleTac D25A Mini Ti (XM-L)
EagleTac D25A Clicky Ti (2014 XP-G2)
EagleTac D25A Clicky Ti (2015 XP-L Hi)
EagleTac D25A Clicky Ti (2017 XP-L HD)
EagleTac D3A Clicky Ti (XM-L2 U4)
EagleTac D25A2
EagleTac D25C Ti (219)
EagleTac D25C Ti 2017 (219B 92CRI 5700K)
EagleTac P25A2 (U2)
Emisar D1 (XP-L Hi V2 3A) (green)
Emisar D4 (XP-L Hi V2 3A) (green)
Emisar D4 (219CT) (grey)
Emisar D4 (XP-G2 S4 5D) (blue)
Emisar D4 (XP-L Hi V2 5D) (white)
Emisar D4 (SST-20 3000K CRI95) (black)
Emisar D4 v2 (SST-20 5000K) (sand)
Emisar D4 v2 Cu (XP-L Hi 5D/3A)
Emisar D4 v2 Brass (SST-20 4000K)
Emisar D4 v2 Ti (SST-20 3000K/4000K/5000K/6500K)
Emisar D4 v2 Ti (2 x W2 + 2 x LH351D 5000K) (stonewashed)
Emisar D4S (XP-G2 S4 3D) (green/cyan)
Emisar D4S (XP-L Hi V3 1A) (black/red)
Emisar D4S (XP-L HD V6 3D) (grey/green)
Emisar D4S (SST-20 4000K) (cyan/amber)
Emisar D18 (SST-20 5000K) (sand)
Fandyfire S1-1
Fandyfire Queen
Fenix 15th [1796]
Fenix E99 Ti
Fenix E25UE
Fenix RC09Ti
Fenix FD40
Fireflies ROT66G2 (XP-L Hi 6×5A+5×3A+1×1A)(clear ano)
Fireflies PL47 (XP-L Hi V2 3A)(champagne)
Fireflies PL47G2 2021 (4xSST-20 5000K)(red)
Fireflies PL47G2 (XP-L Hi V2 5A)(copper)
Fireflies E01 (SST-40 5700K)(clear ano)
Fireflies E01 (Osram)(black)
Fireflies E07 Cu (XP-L Hi V3 3A)
Fireflies E07 Brass (SST-20 3xJA3+4xFA3)
Fireflies E07 Ti (SST-20 3×5000K+4×4000K)
Fireflies E07 2021 (SST-20 5000K)
Fireflies E07X Pro (219B)(red)
Fireflies E12R (219B)(sand)
Fireflies PL09-MU (E21A 4xR9080+5×9050)(antique-brass)
Fireflies NOV-MU (4500K)(sand)
Fireflylite PL47-MU Brass (219B)
Foursevens Preon0
Foursevens Atom0
Foursevens Preon1 XP-G Ti
4Sevens Quark AA2 X
4Sevens Quark MiniX123 (nw)
4Sevens Quark MiniX123 (cw)
4Sevens Maelstrom S18
HaikeLite MT03 II Devourer (cw)
HaikeLite MT09R (XHP70.2 ww) (blue)
HaikeLite SC26 (XHP-35 HD nw) (brown)
HaikeLite SC26 (XHP-35 Hi nw) (green)
Imalent SA04
Imalent DDT40
Imalent MS18
Jetbeam Mini One SE
JetBeam Jet-u
JetBeam Jet-1 MK
JetBeam Jet-E10R
JetBeam Jet-II MK
JetBeam Jet-II Pro
JetBeam Jet-II Pro Ti (purple)
JetBeam RRT0SE
JetBeam EC-R16
JetBeam DDR26
JetBeam EC-R26
Klarus MiX5 Au
Klarus MiX6 Au
Klarus MiX6 SS
Klarus MiX6 Ti
Klarus Mi1A Ti [113/300]
Klarus MiX7 Ti
Klarus Mi7 (red)
Klarus Mi7 (blue)
Klarus Mi7 Ti
Klarus RS16 (XP-L)
Klarus Mi1C Ti
Klarus XT11 (+Red Filter and ED10 Remote Switch)
Klarus ST30
Klarus G30
Led Lenser P7
LuckySun Mini-20
Lumapower EDC LM21
Lumintop GT Nano Copper
Lumintop EDC01 (pink)
Lumintop Tool AAA Copper (XP-G2)
Lumintop Tool AAA Ti “ReyLight” (219B)
Lumintop Tool AAA Ti (219B)
Lumintop Tool (XP-G2)
Lumintop Worm Brass (219B)
Lumintop Worm Copper (219B)
Lumintop Ant SS
Lumintop IYP365 (219B)
Lumintop IYP365 (XP-G2)
Lumintop IYP365 Brass (219B)
Lumintop IYP365 Ti (XP-G2)
Lumintop FWAA Ti (219C 4000K)(polished)
Lumintop FWAA Cu (219C 4000K)
Lumintop Tool AA 2.0 Cu (219C)
Lumintop Tool AA 2.0 Ti (XP-L2)
Lumintop Prince Mini
Lumintop GT Micro (XP-L Hi nw)
Lumintop GT Micro Brass (Osram KW CSLNM1.1)
Lumintop ED25
Lumintop Torpedo 007
Lumintop EDC21
Lumintop Prince Copper
Lumintop Prince Brass
Lumintop Prince SS
Lumintop FW3A (XP-L Hi 3D)
Lumintop FW3S (XP-L Hi 7A)
Lumintop FW3B (XP-L Hi 1A)
Lumintop FW3C (SST-20 nw)
Lumintop FW3T (219C 4000K)
Lumintop EDC18 Copper (XP-L Hi 3D)
Lumintop GT Mini (nw)
Lumintop FW21 Pro Copper
Manker Godmes T01 (silver)
Manker Godmes T01 (black)
Manker E11 (cw)
Manker Timeback
Manker Timeback Cu
Manker Rambler
Manker U11
Maratac AAA Cu Rev. 2
Maratac AA Cu Rev. 2
Maratac Copper Cr123
Mateminco CSF-04 (6500K)
Meco Mini (pink)
Meco C8
Nightwatch NS22 (MT-G2)
Nightwatch NSX3 NS43 (6500K)
Nitecore Tube x 3
Nitecore Tip (gold)
Nitecore Tip Winter Edition (blue/red)
Nitecore Tip CRI (red)
Nitecore Tini (grey)
Nitecore T0 × 2
Nitecore MT06
Nitecore MT21A
Nitecore EA4W Pioneer
Nitecore EA41 (2015)
Nitecore EA45S
Nitecore EC11
Nitecore SRT Revenger
Nitecore EC4
Nitefighter F30B
Niteye NE01
Niteye EC-A12
Niteye EYE10
Niwalker Aurora C11
Niwalker Vostro BK-FA09S
Noctigon KR1 Finca Cu (Osram CSLPM1.TG)
Noctigon KR4 Quinta (SST-20 6500K) (cyan)
Noctigon KR4 Quinta Ti (mule with 16 x E21 5000K/4500K/3500K/2700K)
Noctigon Meteor M43 (XP-G2 S3 3D) (sand)
Noctigon Meteor M43 (XP-G2 S4 5D) (dark grey)
Noctigon Meteor M43 (219CT) (white)
Noctigon Meteor M43 (XP-L Hi V3 1A) (light grey)
Noctigon Meteor M43 (SST-20 5000K) (black)
Noctigon K1 (SBT 90.2) (green)
Noctigon K9.3 (XP-L Hi V3 3A + SST-20 Deep Red) (green)
Noctigon DM1.12 (SBT90.2 + SST-20 4000K + 6500K) (white)
Noctigon DM11 (SFT-40) (green)
Olight i2R 2 EOS (mint green)
Olight Obulb (orange)
Olight i7R EOS Ti
Olight A3T
Olight i3E EOS (green)
Olight i3E-Cu EOS
Olight i3S EOS Cu (brass)
Olight i3T EOS (red)
Olight O’Pen (brown)
Olight i5T EOS (camouflage)
Olight S15R Baton
Olight S1A Baton Cu [3221] (raw)
Olight S65 Baton
Olight S Mini Baton Sus [1814/9999]
Olight S Mini Baton Ti [3077/9999] (rainbow)
Olight S1 Baton
Olight S1 Baton Cu [1091] (rose gold)
Olight S1 Baton Ti [2652] (polished)
Olight S10R Baton II
Olight M10 Maverick
Olight S30R Baton II
Olight S30 Baton Ti (polished)
Olight M22 Warrior
Olight M2R Warrior Cu (2939)
Olight Warrior Mini “Eternal 2” (8549/9999)
Olight Warrior Mini 2 (white)(2322)
Olight S2R Baton II (Lava Camouflage 458)
Olight S2R Baton II Ti (Courage 1777)
Olight M2X Javelot UT
Olight S2-Cu
Olight Perun 2 (orange)
Olight M3XS-UT Javelot
Olight SR Mini Intimidator II
Olight R50 Seeker Cu [203/999 (2016)]
Palight X4
ReyLight Pineapple Mini Copper
ReyLight Brass Pineapple
ReyLight Ti
Roche M170 (U2)
Rofis TC1
Rofis ER3A (red)
Rofis TR20
Rofis TR51
Shadow JM35 (XHP-50)
Shadow JM35 (MT-G2)
Skilhunt H15 (nw)
Skilhunt H02R
Skilhunt H03 (nw)
Skilhunt K26
Sofirn SF02 (red)
Sofirn SP31
Sofirn SP40 (5300K)(green)
SolarStorm SA-1
Spark SK7
Spark SD6-460NW
Sunwayman R02A
Sunwayman P02A
Sunwayman D20A Gemini
Sunwayman V11R (+AA Extender)
Sunwayman V11R (XM-L2)
Sunwayman V11R Mirage [386/800] & [485/800]
Sunwayman C13R (grey)
Sunwayman S10R Shark
Sunwayman F10R
Sunwayman C22C
Sunwayman C23C (natural)
Sunwayman G25C
Sunwayman T25C
Sunwayman C25C Ti Thrones
Sunwayman M25C Ti Epic [30/1000]
Sunwayman D40C
Tank007 TK-703
Tank007 ES12
ThorFire TG06S
ThruNite Ti
ThruNite Ti2 (pink)
ThruNite Ti5T (nw)
ThruNite Ti4T
ThruNite T10T (nw)
ThruNite Neutron 2A v2
ThruNite Neutron 2C v2 (nw)
ThruNite TH30 (nw)
Trustfire S-A6
Trustfire Mini-03
Trustfire F36
Trustfire Mini-01
Trustfire Mini-02
Trustfire Mini-05
Trustfire Z3
UltraTac K18 (brass)
UltraTac K18 (red)
Utorch UT01 (3D)
Utorch H09 (4200K)
Veleno Designs Quantum D2
Wuben TO46R (90CRI)
Wuben A21 (nw)
Xanes KT (green)
Xeno E03 V3 (T4)
Xeno E03 V3 (T5)
Xeno E03 V3 (T6)
Xtar WK21 Meteor (XM-L2)
Zanflare F6
Zanflare F1 (nw)

“Ebay” 85W HID

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Location: Michigan

Here are mine.

Fenix E01
Fenix E05

Fenix E25
4Sevens Quark AA2 Turbo XP-G R5
Thrunite T10

4Sevens Quark 123 XP-G R5
Surefire C2 with Malkoff 61n

Zebralight SC600
Thrunite TN31
Solarforce L2M with Nailbender XP-G2
Solarforce L2T with Nailbender XM-L

iron potato
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Bold is favourite
——— is Sold or giveaway


Olight i3 EOS Blue XP-G
Olight i3s EOS Red XP-G2
Sunwayman R01A Frenchrose
Fenix HL10

AA / 14500

Fenix TK41 XM-L T6
Nitecore MT22A Yellow
Olight S35 Baton
Olight S65 Baton
SolarForce L2N with CR123 extender w/ XR-E Q5 + LD21 driver
Spark SL52-500CW
Starry Light SA-22NW BLF Edition
Sunwayman D40A
Sunwayman V10A
UltraFire ZF-6248 Lantern
Xeno E03v3 XM-L T6 3C
Zebralight SC51w
Zebralight H51Fc
Zebralight SC52w L2

16340 / RCR123

Armytek Tiara C1 Pro Warm
Convoy Grey 18350 S2+ w/ XM-L2 T6 4C
Olight i1 EOS Stainless Steel
Olight S10 Baton (XM-L T6 3C reflowed)
SolarForce 2012 L2M w/ XR-E Q5 + 3*AMC7135
UltraFire UF-H1d
Zebralight SC31Fw


Apex 5T6 NW modded
BLF Special GT Giggle Thrower
Convoy M1 w/ XM-L2 T6 1C + 9*AMC7135
Fenix TK51 XM-L2
Fenix TK35 XM-L T6
Klarus XT2C XM-L T6
NiteCore EC2 XP-G2 R5
NiteCore EC25w
Niteye EYE30
Olight S20 Baton (XM-L T6-3C reflowed)
Olight SR Mini
Shadow L1 NW
Spark ST6-460NW
SolarForce M3 + L2P + extender
SolarForce Black P1d w/ XM-L T6 + 9*AMC7135
SolarForce L2T w/ XM-L T6 3C + 9*AMC7135
SolarForce L2N Lantern head + extender + stand w/ SolarForce XP-G R5 (4.2-8.4V)
SolarForce Yellow P1 (Nichia NV219 + 4*AMC7135)
SolarForce Black P1 w/XM-L T6 3C + LD-25
SolarForce Blue L2P
SolarForce Sand L2 w/ XR-E Q5 + 4*AMC7135
Sunwayman C20C Tomahawk
UltraFire UF-H3b
UltraFire WF-800L SSC-P7 (8*AMC7135 driver swapped)
Xeno F42 XM-L T6 3C
Zebralight SC600
Zebralight SC60w
Zebralight SC62w
Zebralight H600
Zebralight H600Fw
Zebralight H602w

32650 / 26650

DQG 26650 NW
Lumintop SD10
Shadow JM07 Pro NW
Shadow S-L3 CW