how long should it take to arrive

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scruffy dog
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how long should it take to arrive

Hi all of you

  I'm looking for your thoughts and experiences on shipping times

i sold my FENIX TK10 to one of our members in Europe  on posting i was told the ETA was 4-7 working days weekends don't count  

this is the story so far as i have found out on enquiring to the postal service

i posted on the Thursday afternoon but as they had already had the mail picked up it didn't go until Friday where it was taken to the sorting office

we are know in to the weekend so nothing will move until Monday that's 4-days gone and it is only 10-miles down the road

after 2-week it had still not arrived so i went to the post office to to ask a few things and was told 4-7 days was unlikely and that 20-25 working days was more realistic

that time has now passed and our friend in Europe has not received the light

i went back to make some more enquiries the post office gave me a bunch of forms to fill-in giving all the details  so they can try and find what has happened to it

 they say that this stage they don't consider it lost as it is not unusial for packages to take longer than this to arrive

i could have walked there and deliverd it by hand by now

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Nah, same s%&t here :~

Destination - Spain
The item (RB**********HK) left Hong Kong for its destination on 4-Mar-2011

 My last purchase from LT only took 18-20 days including holidays and New Year (ordered 16-18 Dec., received 7-9 Jan, or smt like that). Veeery slow delivering these days Flat Stare

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@scruffy: I have purchased a lot of stuff from the UK, and depending on the wheight and type of postage it never took more than a week, for the parcel to arrive.

Last week bought some SRM knives(small package), without tracking, from another forum and the package took 2 days to arrive from Glasgow! That was fast.(posted wednesday, arrived friday) Usually, from the same seller it takes 4-5 days.

The most it took (2 kukris= 5kgs) was 7 days.(posted on a friday, arrived the following friday)

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It all varies, due to unknown reasons. I guess I'll never understand why.


I have had parcels from the US arriving in Germany after just five business days at best, usually it takes like 10-14 days.

Hong Kong post takes about five weeks, I think that's ok for just two dollars of shipping costs to destinations worldwide.

Parcels from the UK to Germany take about ten business days usually, which is amazingly slow. (I order lots from, friggin Krauts offer nearly half as much as the British online vendors)

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About 500 miles .. it should have takes n 2~3 days . instead 13 days ..I wrote the blf member on the 13th day and politely asked ..mmmm ahmm what's up ? where's my stuff ?

  He promptly emails me back and say ..I dunno I sent it priority mail  on the 3rd of march ..I go out side after reading my emails and here's mr mail man with my package  which I beratted him for being enretard .I go back in the house to respond to email and  find that the person has refunded me my paypal money  and said he'd rather be out the money rather than me I have to wait for 4 days  for paypal to comlete a totally unnessesary  transaction  before I can send it back again .. meanwhile pay pal couldn't care :)...Thanks USPS  for making life difficult for no reason whatsoever ..

Thanks for being a great BLF member Innerlight ..<< doing the right thing never goes unnoticed .

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