Romisen RC-23, 2x123, 1x18650 P60 host with XP-E R5

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Romisen RC-23, 2x123, 1x18650 P60 host with XP-E R5

DX now offers a Romisen RC-23, 2x123, 1x18650 with XP-E R5 and it appears to be a P60 host, but I am not 100% sure about it being P60 ... the drop-in looks a bit long on the pictures.

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I like! Makes me want to grab one!

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They're gonna send you a green redcat with a black LED.

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It looks like this light has a wretched donut hole in the beam to me...

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I am assuming that is an XP-G. If that is a P60 I will be all over it. It looks like the pill reflector setup in my RC-2R4 ll R5 but really hard to tell from the pic. A Romisen P60 host would be so great.

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Yep, XP-E I think. I can see small holes around the emitter.

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It's sold as xp-e r3 everywhere else...

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jacktheclipper wrote:

It looks like this light has a wretched donut hole in the beam to me...

Just about every surface emitter on the market today will have a donut hole in the beam at less than three inches from the lens.

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I saw the pics but i think i will wait to see if it's really R5 and also p60 host...

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