Test / Review: UltraFire BRC18650 3000mAh (Red-silver) from 3 shops

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NightCrawl wrote:

Got a link? Did you measure how many amps it draws? Do you have a multimeter?

I'm starting to hijack this thread w/all my questions. Sorry - I hate to do that Embarassed. I actually have a thread set up over in the headlamp section http://budgetlightforum.com/node/16780. I hope you will be kind enough to continue helping me in that thread.

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I greatly appreciate the tests of bad as well as good. Some lights come with batteries, such as my Ultrafire 501b, and the batteries are Ultrafire. It is good to know about various batteries. I have not purchased any Ultrafire, but have purchased some Trustfire flames. I don’t know any better, and the Trustfires seem OK to me. I did buy some Panasonic from Fast tech.
Not sure how I will notice the fact that they are better.

Thanks for the test HKJ.