Sanyo KBC-L2 Eneloop Mobile Booster

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Sanyo KBC-L2 Eneloop Mobile Booster

Good news for folks who looking for solution to easily charge their USB devices while on-the-go! SANYO North America Corporation has debuted its Sanyo KBC-L2 eneloop mobile booster, the powerful 5000 mAh rechargeable Lithium-ion battery pack which is designed to offer instant backup power for smartphone, PMP and other USB-powered devices while on the move. The eneloop mobile booster that able to be fully charged in 14 hours via USB power or 7 hours through AC power adopts dual USB outputs for charging/powering two USB devices simultaneously ...

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It's rather amusing to see them sticking "Eneloop" on random things that don't actually contain Eneloops.