one sparklin' clean BlackCat!

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one sparklin' clean BlackCat!

i bought a pair of BlackCat HM-01's for use as nightstand lights and within a few days, our little boy discovered, disected, re-sected, and lost one. i checked all the usual places and gave it up as one of his 'garbage' victims. today my fiance shows me the lost light and tells me it came out of the dryer. really? yes. it went through a wash cycle and a dry cycle and still worked. i opened it up and found nothing wrong except the battery felt warm from the heat of the dryer. so i popped in a fresh NiMh and it's back in action. not bad.

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It sounds like your little guy is being taught correctly. My hat is off to you! We look forward to his first post in the years to come. LaughingThanks for sharing your story. Its yet another incident where large amounts of money are not needed to purchase quality flashlights.