Giveaway, FandyFire Rook, modified to run 3AA NiMH in series, We have a WINNER!

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Giveaway, FandyFire Rook, modified to run 3AA NiMH in series, We have a WINNER!

We have a Winner! Post# 77 - That would be cone!

I sent a PM to you, just need your name and addy, to ship the light.



First of all. I need to make it clear that the person you should thank is another member of this forum, who gave this light to me. I got this light from a very kind member here, who shall be nameless. I decided to mod it. See the mod thread for more info.

Basically, I modded it to run with 3AA NiMHs in series and put in one of DrJones great drivers, with his lumodrv program. I love the ramping on that program. To start with, it has two standard modes, High and Low. I wanted it that way. You can get high, low, strobe and momentary all with simple multiple clicks and there's access to ramping and other modes.

The tail cap is the lock out now. Tighten it to use the light, loosen it a half turn and it will not have any parasitic drain. This light is in excellent condition and comes in the box, with the lanyard, instructions and a copy of the lumodrv program.


This Giveaway is open to anyone who became a member on or Before February 1st. 2013.

Post in this thread that you want the chance to win. Your post number is your ticket to win.


I will pick a winner, using, on Wednesday, February 6th., when I remember to do it. Hopefully around noon time, but you know how that goes. I will be lucky to remember the day, let alone the time.


This light is now the way it should be on 3AA:  brightashell




Have fun!

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Wunderbar! I’m in. Many thanks Justin and Secret Santa.

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Exciting light, count me in.

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raccoon city
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I'm in!

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…for your kind offer!
I’m in!

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Thank you mystery BLF member for your kind jesture of…kindness. and OL, you da man.

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Very nice work! I’m in!

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Bort want in, in want Bort

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I would love the chance to win.

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I am in….

Very cool mod to have it on AA’s

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Thanks man!

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Tks, Justin!

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Wow, nice mod! Count me in, thanks Smile

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in thank you

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I'm officially boycotting this giveaway. Mr-Lumens will know why. Its very generous off the anonymous member and Old-Lumens for this competition.


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Heck yeah! I wish this was retail.

I’m in! Thanks!

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OldLumens, thank you, as well as the anonymous friend, for this nice giveaway!!

I already have a Rook, which has impressed me already with its AA lithium performance but i would really like to have another running on NiMHs Smile

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Nice work , as usual !
I’m in ! Thanks !

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nice flashlight ,thanks for the giveaway.

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Nice work! Thanks for the giveaway

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OL—-another great mod. One day the engineering “scouts” will come for you.
I would like a chance to own such a gem.

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I have 3 Duraloops just for this occasion LOL

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I’m in. Thank you!

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If I qualify, I’m in…

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Count with me. Thanks! Beer

Enjoy BLF

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I want in,an OL modded light with Dr.Jones' programmed driver-wow! Awesome thanks for this.

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I’m In.

Thanks for doing it.

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I am in!

Nice mode!Laughing

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thanks Old-Lumens!
im in.

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Yet another awesome mod by OL! Thanks for the giveaway. I'm in!