Different draw rates - SK68 samples

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Different draw rates - SK68 samples

Below are some draw rates on 3 SK68 examples. The results seemed interesting enough to post for your amusement.

My son recently loaned me his SK68 so I could do some comparisons with my recently modded and seemingly similar clone (to his). But when I dropped my 14500 into his light I was surprised at the result and so I charted this table (instead of bothering with beam shots). Draw is H/L on the 3-modes.

The lights:

1. Single mode XPE acquired through Amazon from BBQBuy
2. 3 mode XPG2 (orig XRE) acquired from TMart (UF labeling)
3. 3 mode XPE also acquired from TMart (no printing on tube)

Battery Charge 1-mode UF3-mode 3-mode
TF14500 A 3.41V 0.75A 0.85/0.23A 0.40/0.13A
TF14500 B 3.88V 1.31A 1.4/0.40A 0.77/0.19A
Eneloop A 1.26V 1.63A 1.50/0.44A 2.20/0.55A
Eneloop B 1.25V 1.82A 1.53/0.44A 2.20/0.59A
Duraloop 1.31V 1.82A 1.49/0.39A 2.24/0.59A
TF14500 A 4.19V 1.65A 1.71/0.43A 0.99/0.23A

The batteries:
1. Trustfire Flames A & B acquired at the same time
2. Eneloops A &B acquired from Amazon at different times
3. Duraloop is a white top acquired at a local hardware store
All were somewhat discharged. Higher draw rate (~1.7A for the UF light) observed in the TF when they are at full charge. I believe the XPG2 did not have much of an impact on draw rates with my sample; it was pulling in about the same range before the XRE was changed over to the XPG2.

My first take away is that his 3-mode light is very efficient with NiMH cells and not very efficient with (my) l-ion cells. If you get a few of them, you might want to select which you prefer for the battery you intend to use, and whether you want it brighter or to have a longer run time.

Next, screen shots comparisons are really only valid to the specific lights unless you get cell/charge/draw rates to also evaluate. A 2.2A NiMH draw is going to be brighter than at 1.5A and the impact will be even larger when using l-ions voltages.

The other take away is that even though the 3-modes came from the same source/warehouse just a couple months apart, it’s always a complete lottery as to which parts will be inside of them – and how they will perform.

I’m not planning to take these apart to compare drivers, but that would be an obvious next step if you should run into similar findings.

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Interesting, thanks for sharing.

BTW Beam-shot comparisons are just beautiful to look at, whether valid or not. -IMO Smile


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Did you publish something about that xpg2 mod? I what to see the results with this new emitter


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None of my SK68’s have identical draw nor throw nor tint nor visible brightness.

I guess yours are fine then, GottaZoom :D!

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i posted current draw (eneloop, 14500) of my sk68 here:


*FMI* i got 4 i/o sh
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Added fully charged 14500 to table in OP.

PyTech – I really like the long range outdoor shots with the zoomed in and distance comparisons. I guess my point was that comparing “brightness” from a couple wall shots can be misleading until we consider and eliminate variables. I continue to be impressed out how much impact battery testing can have on selecting the right light and battery for one’s chosen purpose.

vēer – Sooo true. I’ve been giving away the ones that are less fine to friends and family who appreciate them.

Although it sucks for 14500 use, my son’s clone is very fine for NiMh use and its build quality is the single best example I’ve seen out of 5 different types (XPE, smooth & firm zoom, decent o-rings, clear lens, quality neg spring). Machining isn’t perfect, but so few are.

totilde – Not much of a review, but here is a small summary

kreisler – thanks for yet another 14500 example, falling between these.