ebay seller who probably already had too much from that hip flask

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ebay seller who probably already had too much from that hip flask

Here is someone trying to sell those multi-tool cards which can be used in many different ways to cause injuries on your fingers.

I am very tempted to order one just to complain afterwards that the bottle opener is not working as advertised...



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I have a couple of these and you are right, they have many different ways to hurt your fingers... And many different ways to twist your fingers trying to hold them without hurting your fingers... Great tools Big Smile





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About as useless as a pecker on a Pope.

None of its features works right, they don't even work badly - they don't work at all. Heck, even a glass shard would be more versatile!


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A place called  "Yami Yami?"  It's like naming an American Pit Cuddles and then complaining when he acts he's stupid.  Of course he's stupid; you named him "Cuddles."


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