Lightmalls has C12, XM-L2

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i’m happy of your good opinions Haterade…thank you!!…… Big Smile my C12 should arrive tomorrow!!

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I love the C8/C12 with smooth reflector. I have gotten 7 C8’s in the last couple of years. Every one came with a different driver and LED. My favorite is one that I put a XM-L2 T6 3C 5000K emitter on a SinkPAD that is driven with a 5 amp V10+ 2.7~4.5V 2-Group 3/5-Mode driver from Fasttech and using a Efest IMR 18650 cell. For me, living out in the wilderness, it’s the perfect combination. I hate under-driven lights. With this driver the “blinky’s” can be hidden. Driven at 5 amps it’s best to use a copper SinkPAD or Noctigon MCPCB for their direct thermal path. This setup makes normal C8/C12’s look dim.