Looking for cheap, smallish semi-thrower...

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ohaya wrote:

Can you clarify about what you meant by “that one”, and what you were “Not sure” about?

I was probably excited about the new C8…the DST is most likely a much better thrower. Sorry for the confusion.
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When calculated to 1 lux, which is usually what most people can see to it is the square root of the candela, that’s all. that equals half the ANSI standard throw.

Is it for following the game, or searching for it? Following = less spill, searching = more spill.


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I may get a C8 XM-L2 U3 from Aliexpress, or go all in and get a SWM D40A![/quote]

That’s a good one. Go all the way?
No such thing as go all the way for a flashaholic. There is no end so you can’t go all the way. Always something else to buy. Then when you think you have every light in the world that you want to buy, you decide you need more than one or a spare for all your favorites. You never knowwhen you might lose one of your babies. Lol