Removing the Driver from a SRK..

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Removing the Driver from a SRK..

i have one Skyray King i am having a problem getting the driver removed from the head. its stuck really solid.
Anyone have any ideas of getting it loose ?
One of the SRK’s i have used a bolt to hold the reflector i so its not removable by pushing it from the front. i tried to remove the reflector but its solid too, and i don’t want to damage it.

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Some of the SRKs use lock-tite. I hope that isn’t the case with yours. If not sometimes the wires are wound up tight from being all twisted up inside of the head. If this is the case you can put your fingers in the reflector like a bowling ball and twist the head, or twist the reflector and hold the head alternatively. I can’t say which way they are twisted, but maybe try both ways slightly and see which has the most play.

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I think yours are epoxied. If so, it is very hard to open. You need to attack the edges with a small sharp point, separating the sides slowly one point at a time.

It’s very time consuming, and you better be in zen mode when you start… otherwise your King might end up in a lake or something Wink

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Try to remove the switch, and insert something on that hole to push the driver.

I used that method with three glued drivers and worked.

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Make a tool to go in through the switch hole. I used 1/8" welding rod, with a 45* bend in the last 1" or so. Like a hockey stick, sort of. File off any sharp edges on the tip so it doesn't gouge the PCB.

Coathanger is not nearly stiff enough, if you don't have something suitable even Walmart has small packages of stick welding electrodes, you can break off the flux coating and use those.

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Heating up the head helped me on my stubbon SRK drivers.  First one I heated up the head by running the light on high until it got to around 130F.  It was still pretty hard to remove.  Once I saw how bad the emitters were thermal pasted, I decided not to go that way again. 

Second stubborn one driver, I used a heat gun to heat up the head.  I heated it up to about 150F.  Next time, I will put it in a ziplock baggie and put it in boiling water for a couple minutes.  It seems a more gentle, even way to heat the head.

Like some of the above, I used the switch opening to lever push the driver out.