[S] Knife like Silent Soldier + [S] small flipper knife

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[S] Knife like Silent Soldier + [S] small flipper knife


I fell in love with the Silent Soldier Flipper. I cannot afford one and wouldn´t spend that much money on a knife.

Do you know a budget version or a similar looking knife? I´ve checked the usual suspects like Ganzo, Enlan etc and dind´t find anything like it.

+ are there small flipepr knifes for little money? I have the Enlan EL-01 and I like it, but I want a smaller flipper.

Thanks guys : )

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only as a small flipper- the DA39 looks like it may fill the niche

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Hi there MrCG I hope this is of some use.
There are a couple of inexpensive small flippers at FastTech.
I’ve just got a SanRenMu 7034LUC-PK Under $10 and the fastest flipper that I’ve tried, faster than my Kershaw Chive Speed Assist by a long way. It does make your finger sore after an hour or so of playing. :bigsmile:
8Cr13MoV blade 68mm, 2.68” long

All the usual SanRenMu qualities – build quality, fit and finish and strong lock-up. The scales Imthought were going to be softer tike rubber but they are hard and durable translucent plastic.
The other ones are a pair of SanRenMu’s with different finishes -
Same seriel number but different SKU


They have 8Cr14MoV blades 53mm, 2.09” long. $8.06 at FastTech.
I’ve got one on the way, the blue/grey/black one. If you don’t like the coating I’m sure a spray with something could turn one into something “custom”.

I’m staying with FastTech because I’ve bought from them and am buying from them, the wait is worth the saving in £ or $ for me anyway.
Harnds Nyx lookalike of the Kershaw Brawler but with the reverse tanto blade. 80mm, 3.15” blade in 8Cr14MoV. Assisted opening. Under $10.


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I have the sanrenmu 733. Super speed flipper and perfect ergonomy of the handle and blade. The handle is perfect for the hand and the blade have even 2 positions for the fat finger.

Photo of flashpilot.

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