TrustFire TR-DF003 2x26650 3xCREE XM-L Diving Light

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TrustFire TR-DF003 2x26650 3xCREE XM-L Diving Light

This is an extremely important thread about a POS light made to fail but its not under “Dive Lights” so I am sharing the link here.
Everybody (including me) have had nothing but problems from this light and I hope I can save people hard earned money by sharing this thread in hopes people read it before purchasing.

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I was considering a Trustfire, but then I read reviews. 

The Trustfire TR-J1 only has 1 o-ring where the head screws in.  From SB review :

"Speaking of o-rings, the tail-cap has 2 rings, while the other end has just one (the other ring is just for friction for the switch). Seeing as this part isn't unscrewed as much, I guess it'll suffice, though I guess 2 would've been better, though there is an extra groove in it.

(cf. CPF review)


What I heard is the tailcap current on Hi is between 2.2 - 1.8A (cf. CPF).  So it's really not living up to its potential. 

(buy: TR-J1 eBay)


TrustFire TR-J2 is also ~2A at tailcap.  asked a salesman at Alibaba.

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