[Review] Armytek A1 - C1 by CPF Italy

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[Review] Armytek A1 - C1 by CPF Italy


This was the original title of the post, which has brought us, after a while to have our beloved torch forum!


And the first response Armytek:


Dear Antonio,


Thanks for the offer you. We are very pleased that our torches are

high value of your country and will be a pleasure for us

produce a limited version of Armytek Partners for members CPFItalia.


-------------------------------------------------- ------------------

The choice was made, taking into account certain parameters:


High-quality construction

EDC-TIR lens

-Power, both primary and rechargeable

-Purchase price lower than the quality offered

-Simple, only 2 levels

-Support and customer management, which Armytek offered us.

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------


Carry details of the standard versions:

Models are available for each user, were as follows:
Partner A1 XP-G2 R4 5B1 NEUTRAL (LEDs currently in use, the predator V2.5 WARM)
Partner A1 XP-G Q3 90 + CRI WARM
Partner XP C1-G2 R4 5B1 NEUTRAL (LEDs currently in use, the predator V2.5 WARM)
Partners C1 XP-G Q3 90 + CRI WARM
Armytek, offered us the opportunity to provide us with the following customizations / benefits
-Engraving "CPFItalia" and serially numbered from # 1 to ..
-Discount on the purchase price, and on shipments
-Discount-future 8% on their online store for users CPF ITALY
I post some photos ;
The torches were dispatched , in the standard package , plain and simple ,
fully recyclable cardboard , which respects the environment! Wink
The allocation of each building kit , includes:
One click to all the torches , which I purchased I :
One photo where we can see the size of C1, very small!
Here A1 , which I prefer , you can hold in your hand better for me that I have hands big enough .
The head that contains LED and driver is the same , changing the length and thickness, the torch body .
The threads , trapezoidal , are perfectly executed , and they offer an excellent smoothness !
Even the tailcap , is truly done well , especially the spring , has the protruding part with a greater air contact with the
battery , and is quite tenacious , managing to optimally compress the battery
The switch on the tailcap , it has a good feeling , and the eraser that covers it , refers to a small " tessellation " which offers more grip ;
And ' one REVERSE SWITCH; being positioned , use "tactical" so prominent , does not allow the tail stand .
I do not like torches , they do not offer the tail stand !
you can quickly fix the problem !
The bezel , is easily removable , is screwed , without locking agent , in its interior , we find
a glass lens with anti-reflective coating , and the TIR optics .
Here in detail the LED XP -G2 R4 NW
Here, the XP -G Q3 HICRI
Here 's what the LED inside the TIR lens
The holster is very well made , with a great transition for the belt , and ring well studied.
I did some measurements : celing bouce + lux/1mt
I will carry out short-term measures for current input .
Here the evidence runtime made by the user [b] Alien [ / b ] is not that forum administrator ! (Thanks!)
Let's see how the use of a primary to the maximum level is not recommended because of the performance degradation is immediate even if the range is slightly higher than that obtained with a eneloop 1900 .
The temperature reached by the head is high enough but not impossible to endure since it is a little above 40 ° .
Other speech with the eneloop 1900 : the output of the high level is maintained practically flat for about 25/ 26 minutes and then begins a rapid degradation until shortly before 40 minutes in which the light is even lower than the minimum level .
The operating temperature in this case is very high , higher than that obtained with the primary but on the other hand also the brightness is.
I was surprised by the fact that compared to JB also SA10 -G2 with XP , but in this case cool , the Armytek had superior results.
I plan to do more tests targeted to have a more accurate comparison but also by comparing the autonomy of the two is clear that the led " Canadian " is more stringent than that of Jetbeam .
Autonomy at low level:
I started a test duration at low level that I had to stop due to force majeure, but for the record reporting that after about 4 hours the output still proved equal to the initial one .
Now to the endurance test for the model xp- g cri90 .
I first also subjected to the test this model dell'alcalina so as to verify the behavior in case of emergency ( they always say that the AA is preferable to the easy availability of the primaries as alternatives to batteries ) .
The result is quite particularly given that the output of the LED XP -G with the primary battery is superior in departure to that obtained with the rechargeable battery and is very similar to that of XP -G2 that has an opposite behavior .
The decrease of brightness is then decidedly abrupt in the first few minutes and then remained downhill sweeter up to about half an hour where it finds another step that leads to an output very similar to that minimo.A that point the decline becomes even sweeter tending to zero.
Fueling always with a eneloop 1900 we have a duration exceeding the maximum level and a peak temperature significantly lower than all'xp - g2 obviously in front of a lower output . (almost half )
Peculiar to the ups and downs of the temperature that could be fine , however, caused by an error of measurement of the instrument which is not exactly professional .
Autonomy at low level: the test in question is much more challenging to accomplish because of the time necessary to pursue the test. In the end it turned out to absolute flatness and output with constant temperature for four hours abundant (4 hours and 20 minutes to be exact) dopodiche begins a rapid descent in the space of little more than 15 minutes to almost zero the output port .
Beamshot HUE:
I am very satisfied, these small torches .. I really like the beam that creates the optical TIR
XP version of the G2 - neutral , it is bad , and the color is quite nice,
while the XP -G HICRI , it is less powerful , but has a truly amazing color ! returns of the beautiful
colors, and the light is very relaxing! Smile
The UI is simple, having only 2 levels, some might
miss the lack of memory , it is annoying not to have the memory with only 2 levels.
ARMYTEK I have to thank , for their cooperation ,
We encountered some problems , and we have solved , still have not arrived
all the torches , we hope that all users can play soon Smile
And I want to thank all users who have signed up, because
without their signatures, would not have been possible!
Some numbers to arrive at the realization :
- I exchanged e-mail with 56 Armytek ! 
- 110 users who have joined
- Approximately 210 torches made !
- I have received about 350 private messages on the forum !Surprised
- The topic : has raised 1002 posts ! Laughing
This is a small community CPF ITALY !
Are HONORED , to be the architect ; : mrgreen :
although there were times heavy , to be able to handle messages
of all users , the communications with armytek , and lists of online membership .
I was not prepared , in such a vast slaughter of torches ! : lol :
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Wow that is great! Beautiful lights.

I must say, if they were willing to do a batch for a forum such as BLF, I would DEFINITELY be in for one or two.

Thanks for sharing!

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“Go home CPF, you’re not welcome here”


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mizjif wrote:
Wow that is great! Beautiful lights. I must say, if they were willing to do a batch for a forum such as BLF, I would DEFINITELY be in for one or two. Thanks for sharing!


Thank you very much!

torches are fabulous!

at an affordable price to all users!


Armytek did a great job;

In the Italian forum, torches were produced 206!

They are very helpful, to hear the customers, we had

an excellent customization on the torches!

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very good thank

*FMI* i got 4 i/o sh
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Very cool lights. They sure look solid. Nice review.

RicFlair is on the air with blonde hair & pink underwear!! Whaoooooo!

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I hope to buy Hi CRI verson.

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Thank you, Antonio, for this review! Great post!

It's pleasure to deal with You and all CPF Italia users.

We have done a great job together!Cool

Armytek Optoelectronics Inc.