Lazebrite Multi-Lux

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Lazebrite Multi-Lux

Hi there all of you.
Has anybody had any experience of the Lazerbrite range of lights. I searched the forum and couldn’t find anything about them, sorry if I missed it.
Available in a wide range of colours White one end and white or another colour at the other. Plenty of extras to keep you amused as well.
Runs on CR2032 Batteries.
The entire blurb from EDC Gear -

This LazerBrite LED flashlight has one glow tube, two flashlight heads, and batteries included.

When purchasing the Lazerbrite you can select the two flashlight colour heads of your choice from the range, for example (White/White) for two White heads or (Orange/White) for one Orange and one White head.

The Multi-Lux unit, unlike the single mode light, comes with low, high, and flash modes. To switch between modes, simply twist the flashlight head in either direction.

The Multi-Lux Unit comes in a six colors as well as infrared, and has multiple uses. Not only can the flashlight heads be pointed into the glow tube to create a bright glowstick, but the LazerBrite is also a waterproof flashlight and can be used in the rain or for diving.

By turning only one of the heads in toward the glow tube, the user can also create a single focused beam of light. By using one of the many LazerBrite accessories, one can create an LED lantern, or tie the light to a nearby object.

The heads can also be taken off and shared by two people. The Multi-Lux also has the advantage of being an excellent marker light, as the flashing mode is perfect for marking campsites, cars, or the position of others for navigation or emergency situations.

Furthermore, the LazerBrite is a tactical flashlight, which means that it is both durable and easy to use. Perfect as a piece of camping gear, for biking, as a military flashlight, or even for use around the house, the LazerBrite Mutli-Lux unit is an innovate tool for everyone.

  • Features Two Flashlight heads (colour choice available) Three modes, low, high & flash Dual mode lighting, flashlight beam and/or glow tube Waterproof to 50 metres (165 feet) More powerful and longer lasting alternative to Glow-sticks Runs for days on one set of batteries CR2032 Batteries included Made in the USA
  • Useful for Camping Military Night Navigation/Map Reading Cycling Vehicle Emergency/Breakdown Boating Survival Kits Home Emergency/Powercut Night Hiking\Outdoor Pursuits
  • Benefits Lightweight | 4.6 oz / 130 g Long lasting | 300 hours of bright usable light Can operate for days on one set of batteries Over 1,500 10 minute signals in one package Reduce your load | Replaces multiple chemlights 10 year battery shelf life
  • Features Patented 360 degree rotational switch Three modes of operation: High, Low and Flash. Waterproof design Versatile modular design Tough polycarbonate housing Available in 6 visible colors including Gen III compatible Infrared Made in USA
  • Functions Emulate chemical lights / glow sticks Operates as a wide angle flash light Create a focused spot Separate into independent lights sources Marking / Landing Zones Area Lighting

Not exactly budget, not mine anyway, but an interesting concept and probably less costly in the long term than glow-sticks which can be wasteful as you can’t switch them off.
Oh burgger, that’s some more gear on the want but don’t need list, a long list is that.
Lazerbrite’s website.

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Would be OK if under $10, maybe. 

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This junk ought to cost like 10 bucks. Probably lame 5mm emitters, tiny expensive primary lithium batteries that are hard to get ahold of.
There are simply a lot of semi-hidden flashlight shops that sell this overpriced junk to people.

If someone wanted something like that, heres an example of what to get.

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The battery choice isn’t ideal and I agree the price is too high but I do like the design.

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i have about 8 of them in various colors and there really waterfroof. they project light out the front about 20 feet and the batteries aren’t that expensive. i’d recomend them if you have the need. i keep em in my survival bag

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I really like glow sticks and use them a lot for various things at night. Though they really hype this up it’s more of a glowstick alternative than flashlight. Though I do now find myself taking it apart with the various accessories that came with it at times because its pretty useful. It supplements my snaplights so I can use almost everynig while saving the glowsticks for serious stuff.

Batteries are really cheap. I get 3 at the dollar store, not bad for being able to get them without waiting for shipping otherwise dirt cheap on amazon for big packs. Specially since most car key fobs use cr2032