I just cant resist

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I just cant resist

Hey guys

I'm new to the site,obviously, and new to the world of flash lights...ok i have been looking around DinoDirect and i have narrowed it down to 2 lights i want, but cant make up my mind...now im not looking to spend a ton of money on a light, i have it narrowed to the Romisen RC-T6 and the Romisen RC-T7...

Now if anyone can shine some more light(haha) on the two or have any exp. with either of themor can offer other suggestions on any other lights then feel free, im open to suggestions...thanks guys....by the way the light will be used for hunting, fishing,camping and hiking.

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The RC-T7 will probably send its beam slightly farther, the RC-T6 is probably brighter but the beam is more floody. It is possible that the RC-T7 will be brighter but fairly unlikely.


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I've got both and Dons observations are correct, the T6 is brighter and the T7 throws slightly further. Neither light has a real low mode (30% for the T6 and 40% for the T7) and both lights dim as they discharge their batteries. RC-T7 uses PWM dimming for it's lower mode, the PWM frequency is noticeable if you're sensitive to those kinds of phenomenon.

The RC-T6 can be found at DX for slightly less: black, gray.


Another light to consider is Trustfire TR-1200 (either penta-XRE or SSC P7 configuration). It can be found at either KD or DX, is cheap (~$40-45) and uses a drop in so it will be easily upgradeable in the future.

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I wouldn't get the TR-1200 right now if I were you - mine arrived late last month and was defective among many others. Lightake sells the TR-1200 shell. Combine this with the 5 X R2 drop-in and you may have better luck. My TR-1200 flickers and just has bad overall build quality, but with that said, the beam is my favourite out of all my larger torches - impressive throw, with a big, bright hotspot.


Shiningbeam.com has a torch called the MG X-Thrower, which I wish I'd got instead of my TR-1200. I don't see anything special with the Romisen RC-T7, it has an MC-E emitter in it, if i remember correctly - which is simmilar to the P7. You can get this set-up for a lot cheaper with other brands.

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I have the romisen - T7, use 2x 18650 with it, one of the throwers in my collection, beside my x2000

it also uses PWM at it's dim setting 

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Folks,thx for your decent suggestions here

I will think twice

Still waiting for more comments



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Thanks to everyone for the very helpful advice you gave here! Very impressive response from a nice selection of forum members.

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If you mention your budget & usage you would get better suggestions.

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Yep, as I said, cuz I am totally new to flashlights field,and I dono wanna spend more on it.So  40$ ~80$ dollars is better for me.

Refer to usage,  hunting, fishing,camping and hiking,and fishing is more

Thanks again