DX Second Giveaway--Sunwayman D20A? NITECORE HC50!! Now send you for free!!! Try your luck now

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DX Second Giveaway--Sunwayman D20A? NITECORE HC50!! Now send you for free!!! Try your luck now

Hello All,

Last time, we launched our first giveaway http://budgetlightforum.com/node/31970#node-31970

Thanks for all your great support. Now i prepare three products for giveaway this time.

1. KINFIRE KH-30 which is newly added and chosen by myself


2. Sunwayman D20A  For this product, thanks @bgyen, @Backpacker Light, @Boaz for your suggestion in last giveaway.


3. NITECORE HC50   For this product, thanks @totilde, @spamman, @DenBarrettSAR for your suggestions in last giveaway



Contest Begins now and closes at UTC 10:00 July 23th.


3. How to participate:

Reply This post with the the reason you love it. Or reply me with the product you prefer, Please Go to choose from this category:http://www.dx.com/c/flashlights-lasers-999/headlamps-906 . The headlamp you suggest this time will be voted by all member. We will offer biggest discount for the product with most votes.

4.The winner must write a review for the product and post it to the forum when receive the products.


Edit: 2014/7/31


Second Giveaway winner announced,



The winner is:




I will PM you guys to get the address and sent the gift to you~~~

@All   Good News!!!

$10 coupon for all flashlights on our US Direct website DXSOUL.COM

Coupon Code: BL2GW

Expiry Date:2014/8/31 23:59




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I have never owned a laser pointer. Might as well try this one out. Thanks for this contest.

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Count me in Smile I like the Kinfire KH-30 because its a larger Bike light, and i ride Mountain bikes quite often at night on the trails and use bike lights. The Sunwayman D20A is a great design with a red LED along with the standard white flashlight, and its shape is very unique, almost like the barrel of a 9mm handgun. I do a lot of night work outdoors, and doing a review on this light would be fun to do especially with the red night vision light option. I like the Nitecore HC50 also because its a headlight with a red LED for night vision use.

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I like the nitecore HC50. Headlamps are quite practical.

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I’m in. I like headlamps, so I’d like the Nitecore HC50. They’re great for camping.

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i’d like to win the HC50, i have a couple of headlamps, but none of great quality…

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I’d like the Nitecore HC50. They’re great for camping and running at night.

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I don’t own any headlamps, so the HC50 has my vote as well

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I’m out every night and I use red diffuser on my lights, so I’ll love the D20A! :bigsmile:

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I like the SingFire SF-522. Looks useful for camp cooking.

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I like the HC50, it would be my first headlamp but I have been eying this model for quite a while…

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the Nitecore HC50 would be great for camping!

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Thanks DX for the generous giveaway..
I`m not in, just here to say thank you for the give away...

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I like the HC50 because it’s a headlamp, and I’m in need for a quality one

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I am a bit weary to join this giveaway. For quite a while now reviews appear at BLF that originate from this kind of giveaways. Both the d20a and the hc50 have been reviewed quite thoroughly already at BLF, and although it can be nice to read another opinion, and blf-members tend to make an ok job of even 'seller's giveaway-induced' reviews, I'm not sure I find giveaways with obliged reviews a good developement.

So, I would really like to win the SWM D20A (I love that light), but if I win I will post a teardown (that has not been done yet) but not a full review.

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I like all three! Silly

I have been looking for a bike light! (Sadly though, I don’t have a power supply :()
I am intrigued by the Sunwayman.
and, I don’t own a headlamp.

I’ll take one of each please Wink

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Wow, I did not actually think you would put up #3 for a giveaway.

I would love it b/c from my experience nice headlamps such as that are a joy to own & use. I don’t currently own a headlamp w/ a modern LED. Thanks very much for the chance!

I’d even go out on a limb & state that from my experience I’ve found a nicely built & reliable headlamp to be more importantly used than a good flashlight. Please note that this is from a purely recreational usage & not in professional use where a reliable flashlight may be a life or death scenario.

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I am in
Nitecore HC50. I dont own any headlamp, it would be my first, it looks like high quality

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I want a sunwayman D20A since it came out. It reminds me some old plastic box light I enjoyed when I was a kid.

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I suggested the hc50 in they last giveaway, so being consequent I prefer the hc50! Thanks for the great giveaways you are organizing


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Although I like cycling, I don’t own any bike, so I will pass I guess on that.

Wow, I like the way how special is the Sunwayman D20A (CW & Red) Mutli-purpose and it looks like a old tape recorder ! definite unique (even its category)

Last and not least, amazing headlamp. I like the way it is, powered with 18650 definitely pack with power and runtime. Also the most useful in my life (engineering work, and all other hand free function, althought stucked to your head though Crown )
But because its expensive, I won’t really consider it in any occasion, unless it is FREE :bigsmile:

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I like the HC50. It’s relatively bright.


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Ooh, that’s awesome! I’m hoping (more like wishing with little hope) to win that D20A!

The most intriguing thing about the D20A (at least to me) is it’s shape. There aren’t a lot of modern flashlights out there that are boxy looking like this one. It kind of reminds me of the old plastic/incandescent flashlights I had when I was younger.

The next thing I like about it is that it has two LEDs. One regular, white light and a red LED. All this runs runs off of two AA batteries which make it convenient because everyone has access to AA batteries of some sort. I’m also liking that it’s a Sunwayman brand light. This means it just oozes with quality (like with all their other lights).

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I really like the D20A, the format is really diferent from the usual 2*AA, it got a sidewitch and the red LED which I really like! Thanks for the generous giveaway!!

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I like the headlamp, it looks to be nice and floody with well spaced modes and good brightness on high.

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I really like the HC50.  Bright, well built, red night-vision preserving LEDs, and a wall of flood with that little reflector.  Barely more than a mule and I love it!

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I like the Nitecore HC50. It’s an innovative design, especially with the red LED. I’m also lacking in the headlamp department Smile

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I like the Sunwayman D20A.

Two leds white and red, 2AA batteries 208lumens!

Very nice design.

Thanks for the generous giveaway!

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I like the d20A I am sure it’s garbage but I like the fact that it reminds me on cheap flashlights when I was a kid.

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I like the Sunwayman D20A. Compact size, 2AA “one beside the other”, lateral switch and red light. The EDC in the car!!!

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I like the nitecore hc50 , Smile the red light is nice to use in my skiff at night