Trigger Hesitation - Possible Trustfire X9 clone (XP-G R5)

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Trigger Hesitation - Possible Trustfire X9 clone (XP-G R5)

This light looks very interesting.   No measurements but from pics head must be 52mm or more.    No pill shots either.    But its R5 and going for peanuts.

The problem is that only four or five ebay vendors have it and they all look like the same guy/outfit.  Why does no-one else have it?   Could the picture be a mock-up?   Scam?   However, if it is genuine the light looks like it has superb potential if the pill is good.

Just can't make up mind whether to pull the trigger or not.Undecided

The claim that this inexpensive light somehow even has an (expensive) UCL glass lens also does not inspire confidence. Surprised

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Looks appealing!

kragmutt wrote:

They're gonna send you a green redcat with a black LED.

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This light might indeed be inspired by the X9, but then again there is lots of significant differences. I would not expect the workmanship to be as good as the X9.

It might be a great light but I don't think the price is spectacular.


Still, please buy it and report back! Big Smile

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This seems to be an even bigger lottery than the real TrustFire X9, which, with an XL-M emitter, can be currently obtained on auction for US$30-31, with some luck even for less.

I won my X9 (now in transit) for US$28.51 ten days ago.

EDIT: Had a look just now, and it seems that X9 auctions have gone out of fashion with the sellers (seller) who previously kept them going regularily.