Hi there! My name is Aaron from ZeroHour

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Hi there! My name is Aaron from ZeroHour

Hey, BLF!

My name is Aaron Son and I am the co-founder of ZeroHour. I wanted to take a moment to first say thanks to those of you who have welcomed me to the forum and explained there is a right and wrong way to introduce myself here. =) The admin was able to change my name from RacingHart to ZeroHour (RacingHart has been my AOL/AIM name for so long, I couldn’t part with it and use it any chance I get! hahah)

I understand that in my first posts I may have come off on the wrong foot, but know that it was not my intention to do so and I know better now. Please let me explain… I let my emotions get the best of me and became offended and hence responded unprofessionally. Like most of you… I do have feelings and I am very passionate about the company and passionate about my team as well. They all worked so hard to get us where we are today and my reactions were just natural and are a reflection of their hard work and the journey. I spoke on behalf of everyone else who may have felt a bit bummed about some of the responses we got here regarding our ZeroHour flashlight, it just wasn’t a good response. LOL But I promise to be better at it! Wink

Also, Ricflair here on the forum has explained in detail why some users may have made various judgement about the project and flashlight. So thank you for that… I totally get it now and I hope that moving forward I can clear things up more clearly and of course, professionally.

Now for a quick bio on myself…

I like to dabble in many things, I think its important (for me anyways) to keep learning and to keep busy. My work experiences include entrepreneurship, retail sales, computer help desk, computer networking, and even women’s dancewear. Yes, WOMENS DANCEWEAR! LOL Although flashlights have not always been my primary career focus (this year it will be though), I am experienced in LED manufacturing and small LED products. I have even been in the business of automotive parts and event lighting as well. For years I have enjoyed creating new products and ideas, most of which don’t ever make it to market but I liked that I tried! =)

On a sidenote, you can learn more about my work history from my LinkedIn account. On there you may have come across a patent application of mine for 2011 https://www.google.com/patents/US20120320590 but have since then abandoned it in order to pursue a plethora of other jobs and projects (not all mentioned in the profile). Similarly to ZeroHour and other innovations that my team and I have been working on, there are patent applications that have been filed and are not yet public. When they are I will gladly share that information as well.

We are working on our next project and I really hope some of you can offer feedback and help me understand what it is that some of you like and what you don’t like. All suggestions will be discussed in company meetings. I will open another thread about this later this week if anyone is interested.

Anyways, I hope that this introduction has made up for my failed previous posts and we can start fresh!

I would like to offer a Giveaway too! I am still working out the details with the team but I think this is the least I can do for BLF. Wink I will post it in a separate post and hope everyone can enter for a chance to win a complete ZeroHour XD set.


p.s. as I mentioned earlier, I stay very busy and operate several companies, so there will be times when I am not online for awhile, just know it’s because I simply cannot fit it in my normal Monday thru Friday 12 to 14 hour work day. I know that some of you busy-bees totally understand and can relate.

Formerly known as “RacingHart”.

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Welcome to BLF! Smile

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Welcome to the forum!

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Looking forward to seeing what you have up your sleeve, hope we’ll be able to help you see the path to some ground breaking new inventions! Smile

Lot going on here, as I’m sure you’re finding out…

Have fun!

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ZeroHour/Aaron Son/RacingHart: Hello, I hope that
I’m using the names that you are comfortable with
since you have 3 aka’s in your post. Big Smile If you indulge,
have a Beer or Beer :beer:, or whatever and enjoy.
You’re starting all over again, welcome to the BLF .

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Hello and welcome back

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Welcome Aaron! Beer

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welcome aboard Beer

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Good luck!
Your English is good so you are ahead of the crowd already XD

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Welcome aboard. I look forward to seeing what ZeroHour has to bring to the forum and industry. Wink

If you have a Saltytri you want to unload, hit me up. If you don’t know what that is, google it.

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Welcome…nice lights…WELL out of my budget range, but look very nice!

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Aaron, I sent you an email regarding our last conversation.  Since you're asking, many of us like to see our lights driven HARD.  I believe your light could benefit from a better driver.  You might even want to take advantage of the drivers developed by members of this forum.  I also think your light should have a lens with an anti reflective coating.  At $20 for the lens, surely you can get the folks at www.flashlightlens.com to make something better for you and still make a hefty profit reselling it.  It'd also be great to see a threaded steel insert for attaching to tripods.


Your model of offering lots of parts and accessories is very smart imo.  People love accessorizing their toys, and I think people buying the knockoff versions would be interested in them too even if they don't or can't spring for your branded flashlight.


I'll propose more accessories.  A lantern head that comes with a special bezel that allows the lantern head to be attached and removed without removing the bezel.  This ensures that the reflector area isn't compromised with dirt and water while in the field.  Wands.  Make them in longer lengths in white and orange.  They could be used as an alternative to the lantern head, could be used for traffic/aircraft control, and as a flare.  

The low mode should be lower.

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It's a pleasure to have you onboard, ZeroHour!


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Hi Aaron!

i do not work in "reviews, deals and codes" for the time being
maybe M4D M4X will return one day, but until then:


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Welcome to BLF Smile

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Welcome on board, and no problem for your english, because my is worst :bigsmile:

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Welcome to BLF, Aaron! Party

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Welcome to BLF, Aaron!

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likevvii wrote:
Good luck! Your English is good so you are ahead of the crowd already XD

hahah I’m dying right now

Were you expecting engrish? Cause I can totally do engrish. Wink

Formerly known as “RacingHart”.